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PC Review: Condemned: Criminal Origins
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Interested in a cheap, dirty thrill? Then the PC port of Condemned: Criminal Origins might be for you.
Verifying iTunes video conversion and iPod video syncing using sample QuickTime files
04.28.06 | Comments Off
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Verifying video conversion in iTunes

iTunes 6.0.2 or later includes the capability to convert some movies into a format that can be played on an iPod that supports video playback (currently the Fifth Generation iPod). To verify that videos converted using this feature play correctly on iPod follow the steps below:

  1. Download this QuickTime sample movie: (right-click or Control-click the link and save it to your desktop). If using Explorer choose Save Target As from the shortcut menu. If using
iPod Fast Start: The New User’s Guide to iPod
04.28.06 | Comments Off
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See this link for the current version of this document.

Got a new iPod? This handy Fast Start guide will help you install, set up, and fill your iPod with tunes to get you on your way to full musical bliss in no time.

1) Install the iPod Software First

Before you connect your iPod to your computer or use it, you must install the iPod Software that comes with your iPod (find the CD in your iPod box). The iPod Software installer will walk you through the installation
Looking at the Wooly West of Podcast Ads
04.26.06 | No Comments
Category: New Media | Podcasting

AdAge has an excellent article that looks at the “Big Three” companies trying to hit podcast advertising head on - Podshow, Podtrac, and PodBridge - as well as the difference in opinion regarding who - and how many - are actually listening to podcasts. Podshow was the source of a lot of controversy from the podcasters of the world when the Podshow contract was anonymously emailed to the podcast Keith and the Girl - which they read online.  To date, neither Podtrac or PodBridge have generated much heat from podcasting discussions but more podcasts (including some of the favorites I reviewed back in 2005) have been including ads during their podcasts.

Wired’s Video Feature
04.26.06 | No Comments

The new Wired hit the New Media Sense mailbox yesterday, and the feature/guide to online video is a must read - covering video blogs, “The New Networks” and how to make your own video blog/viral video using the tools at hand. (And if you don’t get Wired, the online versionof the video feature is slated to go live on May 1)

Short Stuff for April 25th
04.25.06 | No Comments

Skpye hits a deal with the music biz (CNET)

The Rise of the Video Blog (Rolling Stone via I Want Media)

Want to know where TV is going? Check out the new IBM whitepaper.
04.25.06 | No Comments

Today, a quick look at the MIT Advertising Lab blog informed me of this great whitepaper from IBM on the future of television. Among thier predictions is that in the next 5-7 years, we will see “one consumer segment remains passive in the living room, the other will force radical change in business models in a search for anytime, anywhere content through multiple channels.“  Most interesting are the executive recommendations at the end.

Glide goes mobile
04.25.06 | No Comments
Category: Tools | Mobile | Phones

Business2Blog has a first look the new Glide mobile service, an extension of the online service which will allow users to “upload and share all your digital photos, movies, documents, music, and more.  You can also control how you share your digital stuff by choosing whether the recipient can download  the content or just see the stream, and how many times.” They mention one really neat fun fact - that users will be able to access their online digital music, turning their phone into a portable music player.

PS2 Review: Winback 2: Project Poseidon
04.24.06 | Comments Off
Category: Uncategorized
Despite it's unique take on tactical action, Winback 2: Project Poseidon seems only good at shooting itself in the foot.
DS Review: Guilty Gear Dust Strikers
04.24.06 | Comments Off
Category: Uncategorized
Dust Strikers retains all the premiere qualities that made its home console versions stellar, and adds to that the winning formula of the Nintendo DS' exclusive stylus and dual screen gameplay format.

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