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Capturing the Latest Trends for women
35cm Hermes Blac Birkin: Name the Celeb!
05.31.07 | No Comments

celebrity birkin

This celebrity was seen jet setting, on her way to Spain from London, when spotted with this beautiful 35cm Black Clemence Hermes Birkin. The highly coveted handbag, especially in the neutral color black in the stunning pebbled leather, is hard to come by, but not if you are this celebrity.

Find out who the celeb is after the jump!


Cruelty-free Fashion Statements that Make You Look Great & Make a Difference to Our 4-Legged Friends. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION BLOG
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Shopping_14 Sienna Miller tells it like it is.

The fact that Sienna Miller was photographed walking her doggies in this groovy Humane Society hoodie emblazoned with Club Sandwiches Not Seals - which contributes to the fight against the Canadian seal hunt - pretty much ensures her status on the top of the Fashion It-Girl foodchain in our book. 

Why not take a fashion tip from Ms. Miller & support businesses that help rather than harm our fab four-legged friends with these clothes, accessories & accoutrements that make it easy & chic to support animal rights causes:

Shopping_2  Shopping_3Shopping_10

  • Help save the baby seals & abolish the cruel Canadian seal hunt forever with a Humane Society hoodie from
  • Let an adorable baby chick on this I am Not a Nugget messenger bag remind people that chickens are more than the sum of their parts. At
  • Don a pin made from pig-latin, reclaimed magazines & catalogs, and mounted on scraps of plastic destined for the landfill.

Shopping_6 Shopping_8 Shopping_9


  • Avoid supporting animal research altogether by giving a miss to animal- and animal-derived ingredients with this handy guide available from
  • Wear your cause on your sleeve (so to speak) by "adopting" a primate & donating to the Animal Protection Institute - where more than 400 nonhuman promates have been rescued from abusive situations in labs, zoos & bad owners, and finally have a second chance at a more natural life.

- Lesley Scott


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It’s a “Bag Borrow or Steal” Bag Sale Extravaganza Until July 2, so Sign Up ASAP for Early Bird Savings. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION & ACCESSORIES BLOG
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Bag Borrow or Steal just kicked off their first-ever Summer Outlet Sale, featuring designer handbags and jewelry from Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Fendi, Prada, Coach, & Kenneth Jay Lane - with 20% off new, never-carried bags & 40% on previously borrowed handbags and jewelry. Until June 11, only existing & new members can shop the sale; from June 12 on, everyone else can join in the fun.

Bag Borrow or Steal Sale:

  • May 29-June 11: private sale for existing & new members only
  • Tuesday, June 12 - Monday, July 2: open to the public

To join, go to

- Lesley Scott


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Vote for The Budget Fashionista as One of Your Favorite Shopping Blogs
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Category: Stuff
Click on the banner to vote Hey all.. TBF has been nominated for a bloggers choice award as one of the best shopping blogs on the net. Please take a moment and cast your vote for TBF, by clicking the...
The True Strength of User-Generated Media
05.31.07 | No Comments

Just a quick thought- I’ve been hearing and reading stories of marketers that are having problems conducting user-driven campaigns. A lot of this confusion seems to stem from the fact that companies are treating people like unpaid creative directors, and are expecting them to create :30s or print ads around products, and then fret that the results don’t accurately reflect the brand. Some of the thinking on this has been along the “You get what you pay for” line of thought, but I actually think that is secondary. Question: When was the last time you filmed a :30 to tell a friend what you thought? Or created a large visual with compelling copy? Users don’t speak in ad units, but the expectation is that non-traditional creative will be carried by traditional media, which is a large part of the disconnect. Most videos on YouTube aren’t :30 seconds long for a reason- people are done when they’re done, and though 99.9% of what is created is of middling/poor quality, it is far more genuine. The trick lies in loosening the creative restraints, and looking at vehicles that users are comfortable with already, not just in terms of media, but especially in format.

Real Life Style Star #5: Chantal Barton, Age 19
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Hometown: San Antonio, TX She's wearing: black leggings (Target), Cheetah print shirt and faux fur coat (CitiTrends), gold heart-shaped earrings (Rainbow), black and gold beaded necklace (Charlotte Russe) Favorite brands: Baby Phat,...
Sparkle Affordably with the New Glitter Cream Pallet from NYX Cosmetics. FASHIONTRIBES BEAUTY BLOG
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Category: Weblogs | Beauty | Make-Up


Available in four fun colorways (with 5 shades each) such as Paradise & Eden, and a truly fun price-tag of $4 (!), this gel-based glitter can be applied to  lips, eyes, face, and body - so there's simply no excuse not to sparkle anytime & any place.  Available at

- Lesley Scott


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Fashion Advice: How to Find a Personal Shopper
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Category: Advice
Foley for Foley + Corinna Open Back Jersey Dress Dear Budget Fashionista, I have gone on a weight loss program this year and have lost quite a bit of weight. I have no idea how to shop for a...
Win a Chance at Hundred$ of $$$ in Beauty Loot, Courtesy of KMR Communications in Honor of the Launch of “Revival Slim & Beautiful Diet” at NYC’s Bruno Jamais Restaurant Club. FASHIONTRIBES BEAUTY BLOG
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Beauty Beauty_3
Dr. Aaron Tabor with mom, Suzanne

Beauty_2 "Joe Pesci," "Robert De Niro," KMR CEO Katherine Rothman, Dr. Aaron Tabor, "Paris Hilton," "John Travolta," "Tony Soprano"

Beauty_4 Owner Bruno Jamais, KMR CEO Katherine Rothman

With age comes wisdom...and gelatinous belly and body fat, wrinkles, lines, dull hair, unsightly nail ridges & splitting, menopause, and lack of energy. When Dr. Aaron Tabor saw what a wreck his poor mom was at 50, the Johns Hopkins graduate (with numerous heath patents to his credit) decided to find a permanent solution. Seven years of research and an array of clinical studies later, The Revival Slim and Beautiful Diet was born - an integrated approach involving both the physical & mental aspects of successful weight loss that restored Suzanne's energy, relieved menopausal dscomfort, and made her beautiful again. (CLICK HERE to check out our original post about this cool book which is available at

To celebrate the launch of the book, an army of celeb lookalikes including “John Travolta,” “Joe Pesci," “Robert De Niro,” and “Paris Hilton” headed to the swanky upper east side supper club Bruno Jamais Restaurant Club, where owner Bruno Jamais played host to over 250 members of the media and beauty industry professionals.  Guests were served sumptuous canapés and the cocktails flowed as revelers also sampled Dr. Tabor’s line of signature soy bars. KMR Communications saw to it that all guests received gift bags valued at hundreds of dollars, including the book, a one month supply of Gorgeous Roses Daily Vitamin, and 60 soy bars in fun flavors like Double Chocolate Catwalk, Peanut Perfect Curves, Chocolate Peanut Radiance, and Chocolate Mint Supermodel.

The first lucky person to email with snail mail info & The Revival Slim and Beautiful Diet Book in the Subject Line wins:

  • The Revival Slim and Beautiful Diet book
  • 60 soy bars from Tabor’s signature line of products, including 15 peanut perfect curves, 15 double chocolate catwalk, 15 chocolate mint supermodel and 15 chocolate peanut radiance
  • a one month supply of Gorgeous Roses Daily Vitamin

- Lesley Scott


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STYLEHIVE BUZZ: Shine in a Sequined Black Cocktail Frock from See by Chloe. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION BLOG
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- via


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