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Capturing the Latest Trends for women
Tag You’re it, Part 2- Where in the world?
06.27.07 | No Comments

Wired has a great article on how the open nature of Google Maps is changing how we interact with our surroundings. What really struck me as interesting is the potential of KML, which allows users to mash-up maps with any data they want and openly share it. Notably, Google is indexing all of the KML files they can find, whether or not it is specific to their own product. So what does this mean for marketers? Google Maps (and for that matter Live Local from Microsoft) will be integrated more and more into mobile, as evidenced by the iPhone’s deep integration of the service, and “third screen” marketing will become a much more effective and necessary part of the media arsenal. Will I drive an extra mile off the highway to go to a well reviewed local diner, versus a fast food chain at a rest stop? Definitely. Would I plan a vacation itinerary around other user reviews that I find via an online map, versus brochures I pick up, or a paid travel site listing? Absolutely. The talk about online local advertising is mostly focused on the online extensions of local media, not the local extensions of global portals, but I think that this will shift in the near-to-mid term. And again, what will drive the expansion, plus make local search (and by proxy, mobile search) much more effective is user tagging. Instead of a product page, it’s a businesses sticky on a map, and letting your users know how you want to be described (not that they’ll always listen) is a large part of taking advantage of this new platform. Whether I’m a car dealership that is betting that my location and advertising will carry the day, a casual dining restaurant chain that wants a new, better way to connect with my customers, or even a global CPG that wants to communicate with a customer base that is on a cell versus a laptop, the geoweb is worth exploring.

Directory of Top Fashion Design Schools
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Think you've got what it takes to become the next Diane Von Furstenberg, Marc Jacobs, or Coco Chanel? The first step you're going to need is to get an education...
Real Life Style Star #6: Kaley Sirak, Age 15
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Hometown: San Antonio, TX Shes wearing: Vintage dress and sunglasses from a consignment shop. Favorite Designers: Chanel & Vivienne Westwood Where she shops: Thrift and consignment shops, DSW Shoes, Kohls, Ross, "and...
“Tag- you’re it” - Social News Services
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Digg’s popularity is not news, in fact, many mainstream news sites, like the Washington Post have embraced social news services for some time, based on the fact that a story on the front page of digg can drive tens of thousands of extra visitors in a 24 hour period. What I find fascinating, however, is that marketers have failed, AFAIK, to incorporate social news services on their own sites. The investment to incorporate such functionality on a product page is minimal, and the return can be significant. It also has SEO benefits, and can create a long term presence within social networks for accurate product information. Unlike news organizations, which have to maintain objectivity, companies are also free to suggest tags to shoppers who want to share their finds with others, and while screening out negative tags is impossible, the vast majority of shoppers who have come to a page will follow a recommendation versus creating their own. As we see more and more search engines begin to incorporate user tagging into their rankings, it is likely that experience integrating services such as digg now will potentially give a significant edge to marketers in the not-so-distant future.

Name That Dress: Megan Fox - Transformers Premiere
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Transformers star, Megan Fox, 21, arrived at the Syndey premiere of her new movie in a silver brocade babydoll dress, paired with metallic gold stiletto pumps by Christian Louboutin. We...
A pet peeve-
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Earlier this week, TNS released the latest media spending numbers broken out by platform. While most of the attention has focused on the continued decline in TV, radio, and print spending, and the 16.7% increase in online (not even including paid search, which is larger), something that struck me are the other gainers. Magazines (4.4%) and outdoor (2.4%) were the only platforms (besides Spanish media, which is moy cayente right now) to show an overall increase in spending. Two things that connect the two- they are non-interruptible (unless you tear the ads out of your People , but that is probably extreme), and their ability to be effectively tracked is very limited, especially compared to online. I’ll give magazines a pass for right now, as I get that there are advantages to editorial adjacency, it is easy to follow an ad online, and there are still times when consumers, even me, would rather read a magazine than my laptop. But outdoor? Even less trackable, and no ability to connect for further information, as most of the time, it is encountered in a car. That said, how many times have you seen a pedestrian stop, take out a notepad or their phone, and write down a URL or phone # on a billboard? I can kind of see how it would benefit local retailers, but I am mystified as to what the real gains a national marketer sees by placing an ad by a tunnel entrance. I see many of the same problems with radio, but investment fell 2.9%, continuing a long downward trend. There must be a concentration of amazing salespeople in this space, because it has managed to avoid the cold, hard stare of ROI that has eroded other media.

Free Paris Hilton Underwear at Mio Destino
06.05.07 | No Comments
Category: Fashion
Hmmm... I could care less about Paris Hilton and her three week incarceration, but I do care about helping women. 50% of proceeds from the sale of these "Free Paris" undergarments go to benefit the organization Ovarian Cancer Action....
Keys from the Past Unlock a Fun New Category of Accessories & Show off Your Pride in Your Crib. FASHIONTRIBES HOME DECOR BLOG
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If a home is one's castle, it deserves a proper key. Inspired by the ornate details & magical appeal of skeleton keys she discovered as a child antiquing with her grandmother - by train or in her very large Cadillac (she was four foot ten inches tall and had to sit on a pillow to see over the steering wheel) - designer Michele' Lilley now makes ordinary keys extraordinary with her unusual keys to my castle line. "It was at the bottom of boxes at the end of the day I would find my treasures," reminisces Lilley.  "I remember so clearly as a little girl looking through my box of skeleton keys, holding them and imagining the enchanting castle that they surely must have opened at some point in their existence (Although I must admit I was also quite sure that I was a princess stolen at birth.) Anyway, the keys fascinated me and I loved the whole idea of the beautiful places that they could take me…the secret doors that they could open."

In an era of mass-produced sameness and our use-it-and-toss-it mentality, these keys are a fun and charmingly quixotic antidote. "I remember once asking her why the keys that we used to open our doors now were so plain…not at all beautiful and certainly nothing like the enchanting keys that I kept in my jewelry box. Her response was so typical of her, she said 'honey, people throw away tiffany shades and beautiful china to read by bright lights and eat off paper…I’m afraid the magic of rare and wonderful things has faded'. Well I believe we need more rare and wonderful in this world…. I like china, I love tiffany’s and I want my special key to open the door to the most sacred place I know…my home, so I created my own magical keys."

There are currently 20 unique designs, with new ones being released each month at

- Lesley Scott


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Drink Smartwater, Get Jennifer Anniston’s Bod…or Beauty Drink of Choice, at Least. FASHIONTRIBES BEAUTY BLOG
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Yoga, organic cuisine, and long walks on the beach with her fave four-legged pals Norman & Dolly - there's no denying the girl leads a healthy Cali lifestyle. She recently teamed up with smartwater, a biologically-smart bevvy, to market a limited edition smartwater in a print ad- & billboard-campaign shot by Mario Testino. “We were thrilled that Jennifer discovered smartwater and realized what a difference it makes to her healthy lifestyle,” notes Rohan Oza, smartwater's senior vice president of marketing. “To us, Jennifer truly embodies what smartwater is all about as she combines substance and style like nobody else”.

Available in July - more info at

- Lesley Scott


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MTV Movie Awards 2007 Style
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Category: Celebrity Style


The 2007 MTV Movie Awards were held last night and the sexy ladies were full steam. LA called for short dresses, which brought our the battle of the sexy legs. Hands down, Cameron Diaz has the legs to swoon and pine for; long, sexy, and toned. Victoria Beckham was totally posh, and totally really think and some think playboy-esque. Mandy Moore is one of my favorite Hollywood starlets, she has a rockin’ body and is confident to boot. Rihanna tore the scene with her musical performance, and while many did not like her sound live, she looked stunning.


So who was your best-dressed lady at the 2007 MTV Movie Awards?


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