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Capturing the Latest Trends for women
Fashion Advice: How to Find a Personal Shopper
05.31.07 | No Comments
Category: Advice
Foley for Foley + Corinna Open Back Jersey Dress Dear Budget Fashionista, I have gone on a weight loss program this year and have lost quite a bit of weight. I have no idea how to shop for a...
Fashion Advice: Great Travel Bags for Less
05.25.07 | No Comments
Category: Advice
Great Travel Bag, $16.99 at Target Dear Budget Fashionista, As some airports may ban carry-on bags, how do I carry my bulky things (such as cellphones and long wallets) without clothes that have large pockets that are ugly and unbecoming?...
Fashion Advice: Budget Friendly Rain Coats
11.03.06 | No Comments
Category: Advice
Silver Waterproof Trench, $14.99 at Dear Budget Fashionista, I'm going to visit my family in the UK during christmas time. It rains there a lot, and I was wondering where I could find an affordable raincoat in the...
Cheap and Quick: Last Minute Halloween Costumes
10.30.06 | No Comments
Category: Advice
Here's three really quick, and REALLY CHEAP, last minute halloween costumes Costume: Devil Wears Prada Cost: $5- $10, if you have the Prada bag How to do it: For this outfit, purchase devil ears, tail, and pitch fork for around...
Great Coats for Under $100 for EVERY size
10.12.06 | No Comments
Category: Advice
It isn't easy finding great winter coats for under $100. It seems that as the winters get warmer the price of winter coats keeps going up. So, when a reader challenged me to find great winter coats for under $100,...
Fashion Advice: Where to Find Stylish WW/ Double Wide Shoes for Women
09.03.06 | No Comments
Category: Advice
These shoes by J Renee available online at Dear Budget Fashionista, I was wondering if there are any shoe catalogs that have great shoes for those with double wide /WW feet. I do in-fact get shoe catalogs through the...
How to Pack for a Long Weekend
08.31.06 | No Comments
Category: Advice
This jersey dress, from Target, is perfect for vacation Dear Budget Fashionista, Could you post a topic on the newsletter about suggestions for a long weekend travel wardrobe? I seem to run into the same problem every time I...
Fashion Advice: Tips for Dressing for a High School Reunion
08.26.06 | No Comments
Category: Advice
At least you don't have to take gym class Dear Budget Fashionista, My 10-year high school reunion is coming up and I need help dressing for two event for a happy hour and an evening event. Help! Ready for Reunion...
Fashion Advice: How to Be a ‘Hot Mama’ , Not a ‘Hootchie Mama’
08.25.06 | No Comments
Category: Advice
Madonna- One Hot Mama Dear Budget Fashionista, It seems like department stores target two types of shoppers- Lindsay Lohan wannabes and little old Ladies. How can I, a mom in her late 30's, continue to look hot without looking like...
Fashion Advice: Anthropologie-esque Shoes for Cheap
08.24.06 | No Comments
Category: Advice
I have these shoes, $79 at Q: I was wondering where I could find some anthropologie-esque shoes for fall/winter 2006 without breaking the bank? I am a shoe junkie, but I don't want to spluge on a trend that...
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