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Capturing the Latest Trends for women
FASHIONTRIBES ASK THE CHIEF: Fancy Flirts & Makeup. Just Try Keeping Them Apart. For Fall, The Chief of the Tribe Advises Indulging in Sensuous, Yummy Chocolate Hues for Flirty Fabulousness. FASHIONTRIBES BEAUTY BLOG
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Atc_ff_bobbi_brown_chocolate (Bobbi Brown Chocolate Collection -

Dear Chief: Over the past few weeks, I’ve bought an entire new wardrobe for fall, full of the season's muted colors, knits and heavy tweeds. And now, my make-up doesn’t seem to agree with my new, deeper palette. What’s the word on make-up for fall? – Autumn Adjustment

How, Adjustment: Noticing that your make-up isn’t quite suiting your outfit is the first step, Young Stylista. Your best best: play up your gorgeous eyes, and ditch the black. Try shadows, eyeliners, and mascaras in deep brown hues, perfect for fall. Try anything from Bobbi Brown’s new Chocolate Collection. You’ll look delicious. Stay fabulous!

– The Chief


FASHIONTRIBES ASK THE CHIEF: When a Downtown Doll Gets a Dress as a Present, How Does She Rock it Her Way Without Offending the Gift Giver? The Chief of the Tribe Finds the Answer. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION BLOG
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Atc_dd_leggings  (Alice + Olivia cropped leggings -

Dear Chief: Last week was my birthday, and along with the unbelievable bash, my friends threw for me, I also received tons of gifts, one being a super girlie dress that just isn’t me. Unfortunately, it was from one of my closest friends, so she’d notice of I never wore it. How can I don this Downtown Doll-less dress and still look like myself? – Dressed to Kill

How, Dressed:
The perfect solution, my doll? Just buy a pair of leggings! Along with delicate jewelry and ballet flats - and an oversized belt - you won’t look any less like you. In fact, Young Stylista, you might look even more city chic than ever. Stay fabulous!

– The Chief


FASHIONTRIBES ASK THE CHIEF: Statement Tees Can be Corny or Caustic. A Rock Punk Princess Says No Way to the Former. The Chief of the Rock Punk Tribe Leans Toward the Latter. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION BLOG
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Dear Chief: Ok, I admit it. I’m kind of into the t-shirt phrase phase. But I’m so not into the corny things found on many tees. No, my tee has to say something a little bolder. Where can I find a t-shirt that’ll really make a statement? – Speechless

How, Speechless: It looks like it's T-shirt hell for you, Rock Punk chick. Not literally!


FASHIONTRIBES ASK THE CHIEF: An Afro Love Looks to Donate Money to a Good Cause…but Which One? The Chief of the Tribe Has the Answer. FASHIONTRIBES BLOG
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Dear Chief: I recently inherited a fairly large sum of money from a dearly departed great, great grandfather. After buying a new house for my parents, a solar powered car for my sister, and a little gift here and there for every one I know & love, I’ve still got a wad of cash left over that I don’t know what to do with. Since I’m Afro-Love to the core, I’d like to donate my remaining moolah, but don’t know of any specific charities I’m into. Any suggestions? – Give and You Shall Receive

How, Give: You really could go anywhere with this, generous fashionista. Every charity from saving the environment to saving the whales is helping someone, which is your main purpose, it seems. The Chiefs suggestion? The Fund For Peace, established over 50 years ago. This organization’s niche is to permantly bring an end to war.  You can be sure your donation is truly benefiting the world as a whole. And buy something nice for yourself, Young Stylista. Stay fabulous!

– The Chief

FASHIONTRIBES ASK THE CHIEF: The Call of the Leopard is Irresistable, but How Does a Downtown Doll Succumb Without Venturing into Cheesyland? The Chief of the Tribe Holds Forth. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION & SHOE BLOG
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Atc_dd_ysl_leopard_muse   Atc_dd_dolce_leopard_scarf Atc_dd_prada_platform_maryjane_1

Dear Chief: Although somewhat tacky in the past, I’ve recently starting developing a major fondness for leopard prints. It’s a bold statement to make, and I’m afraid of looking like an over-the-hill diva. As a Downtown Doll, how do I don leopard and still rock the funky city look I'm all about? - Me Tarzan, You Jane

How, Me: Ah, animal prints. Can be fab, or can be drab. But you, Downtown Doll, can pull it off effortlessly. Avoid wearing clothing with this print. Instead, stick to accessories. Perhaps a funky scarf, an oversized bag, or maybe some shoes. You’ll look more city than ever before. Stay fabulous!

– The Chief

(YSL hair calf bag -; Dolce & Gabbana Silk Scarf -; Prada platform Mary Janes - 

FASHIONTRIBES ASK THE CHIEF: Fancy Flirts Who Party Hearty Tend to Lose Their Belongings. The Chief of the Tribe Devises an Ingeniously Fashionable Solution. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION BLOG
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Atc_ff_gucci_waist_pack (Available at

Dear Chief: I have the tendency to go out, get too drunk, and come home without any of my belongings. I’ve lost way too much money, my favorite lip-gloss, and three phones. Help! Is there anyway I can hold on to these much needed items without cramping my style with a large bag? – Don’t Suggest Not Drinking

How, Don't Suggest:
Typical..but worry not, Young Stylista. The Chief has the perfect solution: a designer waist pack. Gucci makes a super-stylish version which is small enough to not get in the way of your partying, and just the right size for all your necessary belongings. Stay fabulous!

– The Chief

FASHIONTRIBES ASK THE CHIEF: A Lady Outside the Bedroom & Not into Trashy Lingerie Once Inside. The Chief of the Tribe Helps a Global Chic Goddess Stay Sexy, Not Slutty. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION BLOG
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Atc_gc_white_bustier_1 (Available at

Dear Chief: I’ve been with the same man for almost three years now, and things are beginning to turn somewhat predictable. To ward off boredom, I’m planning a night of romance, and of course, nookie. The problem is, being a Global Chic goddess, I don’t really do trashy lingerie, or anything that’ll make me look less than classy. Help!  – A Lady In the Street…

How, Street Lady: Good sex always helps spice things up, Young Stylista. And what better way to have good sex than to buy a new outfit! Avoid the cliche garter belts and trashy, plastic hooker heels. Instead, try simple bustier and panties in a classic color, like flawless white. You’ll look and feel chic, and have your man drooling. Stay fabulous!  

- The Chief

  • To have The Chief of your tribe apply wit & wisdom to your wardrobe malfunctions & dilemmas, send an email to, and in the Subject Line, don't forget to identify your tribe.

FASHIONTRIBES ASK THE CHIEF. Fashion & Animal-Friendliness…Never the Twain Shall Meet? Say It Ain’t So. The Chief Advises a Concerned Afro Love Stylista. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION BLOG
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Atc_al_mango_tango_clutch (Available at

Dear Chief: I’m a serious vegan/animal lover-type, but lately I’ve been just dying for a cute, fun, leather clutch. Where can I get a faux-leather handbag that didn’t harm any farm-animal friends? – Animal (And Bag) Lover

How, Lover: So glad that you’re an eco-conscious fashionista. The Chief would recommend a clutch from Mango Tango, Young Stylista. All Mango Tango bags are cute, cheap, brightly colored, and best of all, four-legged friendly. Stay fabulous!

– The Chief

FASHIONTRIBES ASK THE CHIEF: Getting Married Doesn’t Mean Wanting to Look Like a Poufy Meringue. A Downtown Doll Has Other Ideas & the Chief Confers. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION BLOG
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Atc_dd_bridal (Claire Pettibone - available at

Dear Chief: My honey of 3 years just proposed, and I am now in serious wedding mode.  We are having a low key, family-only ceremony on the beach this summer and I have had no luck finding the perfect Downtown Doll dress. What type of dress can I wear that will be both fabulous, yet low-key? - Bridezilla

How, Bridezilla: Congrats on the engagement — I know you and your Downtown Dude will be very happy together.  Now, back to important business. Although all parts of your upcoming nuptials will we very important, for a fashionista, the dress is of tantamount importance. This is the reason, Young Stylista, why this is an extremely serious situation.  In order to create your perfect beach'y - yet still chic - look, opt for a dress that's light on fabric but bursting with character. A non-fussy silhouette and lightweight fabrics will keep you looking classy, sophisticated, and gorgeous for your big day.

– The Chief   

Don't forget! Friday is Downtown Doll day! Have the Chief apply wit & wisdom to your fashion dilemmas and wardrobe the Chief at

Fashiontribes Asks The Chief

FASHIONTRIBES ASK THE CHIEF: When a Fancy Flirt Throws a Soiree, What’s the Best Strategy for a Happy Ending? The Chief Advises. FASHIONTRIBES BLOG
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Atc_wildberry_charlotte (Available at

Dear Chief: I am throwing a super fabulous and uber-exclusive dinner party in the upcoming weeks for some of the city's A-list. I have the entire menu picked, yet I am a little stuck when it comes to the desserts. What kind of sweets can a Fancy Flirt like me serve at my party that will guarantee an A+ from my A+ guests. - Sincerely, Sweet Tooth

How, Sweet Tooth:  The party sounds fabulous, and a fabulous dessert is a must. The key to pulling off a successful summer soirée, is to keep it light. If fruit & refreshing ice creams and sorbets aren't enough, try a chic cake. Be careful though, Young Stylista: make sure your desserts are not too rich want your guests leaving with happy memories, not an unhappy stomach-ache. Stay Fabulous!

– The Chief

P.S. I am expecting my invitation shortly.

  • Don't forget! Thursday is Fancy Flirt day! Have the Chief apply wit & wisdom to your fashion dilemmas and wardrobe the Chief at

Fashiontribes Asks The Chief

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