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Capturing the Latest Trends for women
Cruelty-free Fashion Statements that Make You Look Great & Make a Difference to Our 4-Legged Friends. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION BLOG
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Shopping_14 Sienna Miller tells it like it is.

The fact that Sienna Miller was photographed walking her doggies in this groovy Humane Society hoodie emblazoned with Club Sandwiches Not Seals - which contributes to the fight against the Canadian seal hunt - pretty much ensures her status on the top of the Fashion It-Girl foodchain in our book. 

Why not take a fashion tip from Ms. Miller & support businesses that help rather than harm our fab four-legged friends with these clothes, accessories & accoutrements that make it easy & chic to support animal rights causes:

Shopping_2  Shopping_3Shopping_10

  • Help save the baby seals & abolish the cruel Canadian seal hunt forever with a Humane Society hoodie from
  • Let an adorable baby chick on this I am Not a Nugget messenger bag remind people that chickens are more than the sum of their parts. At
  • Don a pin made from pig-latin, reclaimed magazines & catalogs, and mounted on scraps of plastic destined for the landfill.

Shopping_6 Shopping_8 Shopping_9


  • Avoid supporting animal research altogether by giving a miss to animal- and animal-derived ingredients with this handy guide available from
  • Wear your cause on your sleeve (so to speak) by "adopting" a primate & donating to the Animal Protection Institute - where more than 400 nonhuman promates have been rescued from abusive situations in labs, zoos & bad owners, and finally have a second chance at a more natural life.

- Lesley Scott


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Win a Chance at Hundred$ of $$$ in Beauty Loot, Courtesy of KMR Communications in Honor of the Launch of “Revival Slim & Beautiful Diet” at NYC’s Bruno Jamais Restaurant Club. FASHIONTRIBES BEAUTY BLOG
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Beauty Beauty_3
Dr. Aaron Tabor with mom, Suzanne

Beauty_2 "Joe Pesci," "Robert De Niro," KMR CEO Katherine Rothman, Dr. Aaron Tabor, "Paris Hilton," "John Travolta," "Tony Soprano"

Beauty_4 Owner Bruno Jamais, KMR CEO Katherine Rothman

With age comes wisdom...and gelatinous belly and body fat, wrinkles, lines, dull hair, unsightly nail ridges & splitting, menopause, and lack of energy. When Dr. Aaron Tabor saw what a wreck his poor mom was at 50, the Johns Hopkins graduate (with numerous heath patents to his credit) decided to find a permanent solution. Seven years of research and an array of clinical studies later, The Revival Slim and Beautiful Diet was born - an integrated approach involving both the physical & mental aspects of successful weight loss that restored Suzanne's energy, relieved menopausal dscomfort, and made her beautiful again. (CLICK HERE to check out our original post about this cool book which is available at

To celebrate the launch of the book, an army of celeb lookalikes including “John Travolta,” “Joe Pesci," “Robert De Niro,” and “Paris Hilton” headed to the swanky upper east side supper club Bruno Jamais Restaurant Club, where owner Bruno Jamais played host to over 250 members of the media and beauty industry professionals.  Guests were served sumptuous canapés and the cocktails flowed as revelers also sampled Dr. Tabor’s line of signature soy bars. KMR Communications saw to it that all guests received gift bags valued at hundreds of dollars, including the book, a one month supply of Gorgeous Roses Daily Vitamin, and 60 soy bars in fun flavors like Double Chocolate Catwalk, Peanut Perfect Curves, Chocolate Peanut Radiance, and Chocolate Mint Supermodel.

The first lucky person to email with snail mail info & The Revival Slim and Beautiful Diet Book in the Subject Line wins:

  • The Revival Slim and Beautiful Diet book
  • 60 soy bars from Tabor’s signature line of products, including 15 peanut perfect curves, 15 double chocolate catwalk, 15 chocolate mint supermodel and 15 chocolate peanut radiance
  • a one month supply of Gorgeous Roses Daily Vitamin

- Lesley Scott


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Hang Out with the Queen of the Boozy Party Hags in 90s SoBe. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION & BOOK BLOG
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Follow along on the rise & fall of Rachel Baum, a sheltered, career girl who moves to South Beach in pursuit of the life less ordinary. Against a backdrop of celebrity-studded nightclubs, exclusive after-hours parties, and over-the-top VIP rooms, Diary of a South Beacy Party Girl chronicles Rachel's exploits in SoBe’s glam party scene. From the humorous to the occasionally painful, Diary captures life among South Beach's coddled Beautiful People - where friends become enemies faster than highs become hangovers, and the life less ordinary turns into more than she bargained for.

Available at


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Learn Makeup Artist Secrets with Linda Mason’s “Makeup, the Art of Beauty” - now out in Paperback. FASHIONTRIBES BEAUTY BLOG
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Originally released in hardcover version in 2003, the perenially popular makeup manual is designed to give the rest of us access to some of the tricks of the trade.  “I really like the idea of the book being in paperback,” says Mason, who has beautified an impressive roster of faces from Cameron Diaz, Uma Thurman, and Charlize Theron to Debbie Harry, Joan Jett, and Iggy Pop; she has also worked with Commes de Garcons, Giorgio Armani, Issey Miyake, Thierry Mugler, Jean Paul Gaultier, Versace, and John Galliano.  “While I’m teaching methods much like I would in classes for professional make-up artists, I wanted every woman to feel as though they could pick up the book and learn something useful from it. I feel that offering it in paperback, makes the book even more accessible- particularly to women who are not involved in the cosmetics or fashion industry.”

Available at

- Lesley Scott


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Glam Shopping Beat: Catch the Holiday Spirit with Goodies & Indulgences Recommended by Some of the Best Blogs in the Glam Network. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION & SHOPPING BLOG
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Glam Shopping Beat column for the week of 11-1-06 - by Lesley Scott:

With the arrival of November, darkness sets in early and the brisk, balmy nights of fall are but a memory.  Instead of succumbing to gloom and doom, spread some joy. A classy way is by penning an old-fashioned handwritten(!) note. Yes, email cards are quick and easy, but imagine how nice it would be to unlock your mail box and instead of a stack of bills and flyers, discover a friendly message on gorgeous stationary. Another way to beat the blues is, of course, by indulging. Even if your budget doesn't currently permit a full-scale shopping extravaganza, window shopping - both online and on foot - can be just as pleasurable.  Why not round up all those holiday catalogs overflowing from your mailbox, snuggle up in your fave chair with a glass of wine, and treat yourself to an evening of ogling all the fabulous gadgets, gifts and goodies? For sheer shock-and-awe, nothing beats the famous (infamous?) extravagance of the Neiman Marcus holiday catalogue.

Of course the holiday season also means parties & get-togethers. Rather than drop tons of cash on outfits you might wear only once or twice, look to the better-dressed celebs (with the A-list stylists at their disposal) and steal ideas for accessories, makeup & shoes that give any outfit a festive touch without putting an unfestive dent in your bank account. (Scarlett Johansson is frequently an A+ for these purposes.)

And don't forget to treat yourself to a yummy new deserve it!

Great holiday shopping recommendations from some of the Glam Network's best blogs:

Glam_she_find_nm_catalog   Get in the holiday spirit with the ultimate fun book, the incredible Neiman Marcus holiday catalog.  From diamonds to $40K tandem bikes to $1.75 million trips into space, this is the place to find everything over-the-top. As She Finds notes: "Yes, Virginia, such unbelievable gifts really do exist."
Glam_catwalk_scarlett For timeless glamour girl style that's red carpet- & party-ready, Catwalk Queen picks Scarlett Johansson as the starlet to emulate.

Glam_ysl_compact The season's makeup is "done" - easily accomplished with the finely milled pressed powder tucked into this gorgeous Yves Saint Laurent Opium compact recommended by Beauty Addict.

Glam_fragrance_1 Glam_fragrance Ever since the Three Wise Men set out on their lengthy journey some two millenia ago, gifts of frankincense, myrrh, and gold have never gone out of style. Why not celebrate with some gold-encased Billet Doux (Love Letter) from Fragonard? According to The Scented Salamander, this is a re-launch of an original fragrance from the 50s, and inspired by a painting by Jean-Honore Fragonard (after whom the house was named).

Glam_oh_joy_stationary  Say "Happy Holidays" or "Thanks" with some stylish stationary - made from real, live paper thankyou - recommended by Oh Joy!

For more dish & up-to-the minute fashion & lifestyle info, check out the Glam Network of blogs.


In or Out? Right or Wrong? Now or So Then? Fashion Tastemaking is an Endless Procession of Front Row Seats, Paparazzi…& the Contant Threat of a Fall from Grace. “The Beautiful Fall” Documents Paris in the 1970s. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION BLOG
08.11.06 | No Comments


Being among the chosen provides the nervous adrenaline on which fashion thrives - a highly visible state of grace which is played out in the front rows of fashion shows, on the covers of magazines, and being invited to the right parties.  But fashion's compulsion for change means it is only ever a matter of time before you are out-wrong-so-last-minute; and it's this delicate coexistence of euphoria and fear that creates an endlessly fascinating spectacle. 

In the entertaining tradition of Peter Biskind's Easy Riders, Raging Bulls, The Beautiful Fall: Lagerfeld, Saint Laurent, and Glorious Excess in 1970s Paris documents the high-chic fashion wars of 1970s Paris.  Available at

- Lesley Scott

Fashiontribes Finds: the Best Blog Posts for the Downtown Doll Tribe for the Week Ending 7/2/06. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION BLOG
07.08.06 | No Comments

So many posts, so little time. So we sorted through them all for you & here's our Fashiontribes Finds picks for the coolest stuff with a Downtown Doll vibe.


Amy_sacco_cocktails_2  Amy Sacco on Cocktail Culture

Red_peep_toes_1 Patent Peep-toe ankle strap flats

Al_tt_colorful_toaster Rainbow Bright Toaster

Dishwashing_gloves_1 Makes dishwashing fun

Lunch_lady_2 Lunch Lady action figure

Robt_rodriguez_eyelet_skirt Eyelet skirt by Robert Rodriguez

Marc_jacobs_shopper_1 A craftsy shopper by Marc Jacobs

Naj Styleaholics Videopodcast: The Latest In-List straight from New York

Retro_dinette_set 50's inspired dinette set

Dd_tt_productdose gets even cooler

Dd_tt_face_shape Fashiontribes Ask the Chief:  A Downtown Doll Wardrobe Dilemma Solved

- Lesley Scott

“Oh-My-God…Like, Did He Tell You That His Friend’s Friend’s Best Friend’s Cousin Like…” The Notebook Girls, Penned by Authentic High Schoolers, Reveals the Secret Lives of High School Chicas. FASHIONTRIBES POP CULTURE BLOG
07.07.06 | No Comments


What started out life as a regular composition book in September 2001 quickly filled five volumes, recording the inner thoughts & confessions of four high school freshmen. "The notebook sort of paralleled our friendships," says co-author Sophie Pollitt-Cohen, 18, who penned the diary entries, along with Julia Baskin, Lindsey Newman, and Courtney Toombs. "It takes awhile for the juicy stuff to come out."

The book contains an unfiltered look at everything from how young girls today deal with body image - "Everywhere I look is Britney Spears and 10 billion other celebs naked bodies, magazines being like, '20 new tips to get that superstar body.' (Why can't I be a superstar in my own body?)" - to boys, to sex, religion, drugs, and even 9-11: "I don't know what I'll tell my kids when I grow up, how will I explain to them what I experienced?" via & YPulse

- Lesley Scott

So Much More than Merely Shaken vs. Stirred, Cocktails Have Become a Social Icon. Hipster-Restauranteur Amy Sacco Investigates. FASHIONTRIBES ENTERTAINING BLOG
06.29.06 | No Comments


Glamorous and exuberant, more than any other drink, the cocktail has a place in our social culture that stylishly evolves as the years go by. From classic scenes in old-Hollywood films like The Thin Man to Carrie Bradshaw’s cosmopolitans, the cocktail has become a character to be interpreted and reinterpreted.

As NYC's the ultimate cocktail cognoscente, Amy Sacco of Lot 61, Bungalow 8, and Bette delves in the spirit of this tres sexy drink, sharing favorite recipes from her exclusive nightclubs. The restaurant and bar owner credited with converting New York City’s Chelsea into the go-to party destination also reminisces on the most important “cocktail” moments of the past decade, and offers tips on how to serve them with flair.   Available at

- Lesley Scott

Avoid Unnecessary Fuss & Formality with “The Food You Want to Eat” - Queer Eye’s Ted Allen Dishes on Satisfying Fare. FASHIONTRIBES HOME DECOR BLOG
06.22.06 | No Comments


Emmy award winning food and wine connoisseur Allen gets right to the point with 100 recipes for accessible, satisfying fare by focusing on an approach designed to inspire people to cook (and eat) with simplicity and passion. Act now to get an autographed copy. Available at

- Lesley Scott 

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