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Capturing the Latest Trends for women
Win a Chance to See a FREE Concert with LIFEHOUSE Courtesy of Yahoo and Geffen Records. LA-Story.Com Music Contest Blog
06.01.07 | No Comments


Attention Southern California Lifehouse fans!! Want to be a part of an exclusive major internet event with Lifehouse? Yahoo! Music and Geffen Records want you to join us when Lifehouse takes the stage for Nissan Live Sets in West Los Angeles, CA.

Check it out at the LA-Story.Com blog

Stevie Wilson

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LAFW Kicks Off Early–Courtesy of Max Factor and Social Hollywood — with Celeb & Designer Filled Evening Benefiting Clothes Off Our Back! LA STORY LAFW Blog!
03.20.07 | No Comments

One of the HOTTEST (and Hautest) tickets in town last week (yes.. that's PRE- LA Fashion Week) was to get into Social Hollywood-- the  coolest of the sizzling hot venues where celebs come to wine, dine and hangout.


So what was going on that stacked up the cars for the valets to check? MAX FACTOR  premiering the BEST of LA's Fashion Designers to a stellar, star-struck, fashion-obsessed crowd of fashionistas, celebs, designers and stylists who were there to see an assemblage of great fashions by  designers  that haven't been featured together in one room except for perhaps --either an awards show OR Divine Design (and that's just a guess!)


Want to hear about who was there-- on and off the runway? Then check out the LA STORY blog for all the latest 411! Don't forget to check out the Fashiontribes Fashionweek blog for more about the various 'fashion week' coverage from LA and around the globe!

If it's happening in LA-- we have it covered! We might be a bit later than some but that's because we are digging deeper. Someone got bumped from Joseph Domingo last night because of IMG's  dictum to radically cut back the number of seats and eliminate the standing area but our intrepid reporter not only met Joseph Domingo, he's willing to give her a personal interview with all the deets on his show.

Now that's an LA Story!

Stevie Wilson

Calling all Fashion Designers! Outfit a Noxzema Girl Character & Enter for a Chance to Win a Trip to New York Fashionweek Next September! FASHIONTRIBES FASHION BLOG
11.01.06 | No Comments


Submit the winning design of a hot outfit for one of their three Noxzema girl characters, and not only receive a trip for 2 to New York City and 2 tickets to New York Fashion Week in September 2007, but the opportunity to shadow an editor at a national fashion magazine for a day.

The Noxzema Girls:

  • Zoe is a 25 year old style-savvy fourth grade teacher from San Francisco who shops till she drops for sophisticated & hip gear. Her guilty pleasure? US Weekly!
  • Aspiring actress Monique is 23, lives in Brooklyn, and pays the bills as a coffee shop barista...until her big break, of course. For fun & entertainment, she hunts for vintage clothing treasures.
  • Brigid is 25, lives in South Beach, teaches dances, and has a "simple but sassy" style. Naturally club-hopping, lounging at the beach & dancing feature prominently in her life. Her guilty pleasure...celeb dish!

The contest closes January 5, 2007. For more information about the contest and the Noxzema girls, visit

- Lesley Scott


Contest: Noxzema Contest for Up and Coming Designer
10.29.06 | No Comments
Category: Contest
Noxzema is encouraging fashion designers, fashion lovers and aspiring illustrators to submit a sketchbook design of a hot trendy outfit for one of their Noxzema girl characters. The winner will receive a trip for 2 to New York City, 2...
Contest Alert: Win a Free Pair of Shoes from PETA and Beyond Skin Shoes
10.25.06 | No Comments
Category: Contest
Alison and her pretty shoes My peeps at PETA are having a contest. One lucky animal-friendly winner will receive the same pair of cute red mary janes worn by singer Alison Goldfrapp on the cover of her new album. The...
If Punk Rock & Glam Sired a Purse, It Would be an Allison Burns Bag. Win One at What Celebs Wear! FASHIONTRIBES FASHION BLOG
08.01.06 | No Comments


Inspired by rock and roll greats like Joan Jett and Cyndi Lauper, these bags are often seen on the arms & shoulders of the Hilton & Simpson sistahs, Nicole Richie, Teri Hatcher, Cameron Diaz, Hilary Duff and oh so many more!! Take your chances at

- Lesley Scott has joined in the fun! Sign up here to appease the Fashion Gods, which always improves ones chances of success!

Everyone Deserves to be a Celebrity! Win a Local Celebrity Tee from Your Fashionista Friends at What Celebs Wear. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION BLOG
07.27.06 | No Comments


Win a spiffy tee from the company that started the printed t-shirt craze.  Jordan, the designer, is from the same family as the sought after Rebel Yell line.  Worn by Ashlee Simpson, Stacey Keibler, Perez Hilton, Sean Paul, and Geoff Stults. 

- Stephanie Frasco,

Hear the Wild Call of the Fashionista: Free Shoes! For a Limited Time, 4 Lucky Winners can win a Gift Certificate for a Pair of Bronx Shoes. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION BLOG
07.13.06 | No Comments


Let's face it - it's generally all about the shoes. From the perfect wedge, to a strappy stiletto, or sexy slingbacks, it's an eternal quest to unearth that to-die-for shoe that really fancies our footsies. For four lucky ladies, that quest just got that much easier with a fun giveaway at - and over 100 pairs to chose from.

To try your luck, hoof it on over to

- Lesley Scott

Father’s Day or Any Other Day is a Good Time for Fine Fellas to Indulge in Men’s Grooming Products. Advice Sister Alison has the Goods on What Works. FASHIONTRIBES BEAUTY BLOG & PODCAST INTERVIEW
06.08.06 | Comments Off


Despite the metrosexual movement, many men still cringe at the idea of any skincare that goes beyond aftershave. "They say, 'that’s not for me,'" explains Alison Blackman Dunham of "But products made just for men make a huge difference in their way their skin looks and feels. There are lots of products available to make men look and feel their best."

She acknowledges that skincare is less of a tough sell when it comes to the younger generation, which understands that an ounce of prevention now = pounds of cure in the not-so-distant future. "Why would anyone want to suffer from itchy skin or age spots? These products help skin look better & feel better longer." So also advises the chicas who want their fellas to engage in skincare to simply buy some products & leave them out...sooner or later curiosity will induce sampling, which generally induces a skincare epiphany. "If you want a man to get interested in skin care, get them to use it. Many men feel it’s unmasculine to use product. But once they use it, and see how much better they feel, they’ll start to be interested."

Some things to keep in mind with men's skincare:

  • Men have much thicker skin than women, so they need different products.
  • Basic skin types include: oil, dry, normal, combination (oily & dry), mature, sensitive & acne prone - so buying for the wrong skintype can create more problems.
  • Same applies to the various hair types.
  • If a product burns, irritates or inflames, ditch it. "It's working against you & doesn’t matter what you spent."
  • Products don’t last forever. If it's changed color, consistency, smell or you've had it for more than  6 months, it's expired.

Men's Skincare 101 with Advice Sister Alison:

  1. Cleanser Washing regularly keeps bumps, blackheads & grease at bay, and fights off the effects of pollution - which can contribute to aging. Cleansing before shaving makes for a much easier shave.
  2. Shaving Cream Not merely a soap substitute, a high quality shaving cream helps fight razor burn, encourages razor glide, and moisturizes.
  3. After Shave Balm Old school aftershaves tended to be mostly alcohol and stung accordingly. While they disinfect to prevent infection, the latest generation of balms are just as effective without the pain. "They also help reduce ingrown hairs, and prepare the skin for moisturizing."
  4. Moisturizer Holds moisture in skin through a combination of water & oil - the water hydrates & oil keeps it there. "The best male moisturizers contain healing herbal extracts, don’t clog pores, and encourage shedding of dead skin cells – all of which adds up to looking better & a more youthful appearance."
  5. Sunscreen An absolute must. "Most people don’t use it regularly or use stuff that’s no longer good. If you’re shaving regularly, you're leaving new skin open to damage. It's really important for younger men to use product on skin to protect it. If you're bald, spray with an SPF at a minimum - and wear a hat in the summer."
  6. Some Decent Product Lines Lumene, Aveda, Brut, Indigo Wild, Neutrogena, Olay
  7. Optional: Tanning "If you want a self-tan, go to a professional. You want to be the object of affection, not object of derision." Alternatively, a light matte bronzing powder is acceptable.

- Lesley Scott

Extra! Extra! Enter the Advice Sisters Contest for a chance at five prizes. Simply tell them how you celebrate spring, and you could win a booty of beauty & grooming products, and even a chance to do some fine dining for two in Manhattan. All the info is at

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