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ZipFizz. Is it good or bad for you?
10.10.07 | Comments Off

The new hype in energy drinks is ZipFizz. At ZipFizz - Energy Drinks Review they are discussing how dangerous it might be for you to use not only ZipFizz but other energy drinks.

Read more about ZipFizz - Good or Bad? and make a good decision about using it or not.

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“Tag- you’re it” - Social News Services
06.19.07 | No Comments

Digg’s popularity is not news, in fact, many mainstream news sites, like the Washington Post have embraced social news services for some time, based on the fact that a story on the front page of digg can drive tens of thousands of extra visitors in a 24 hour period. What I find fascinating, however, is that marketers have failed, AFAIK, to incorporate social news services on their own sites. The investment to incorporate such functionality on a product page is minimal, and the return can be significant. It also has SEO benefits, and can create a long term presence within social networks for accurate product information. Unlike news organizations, which have to maintain objectivity, companies are also free to suggest tags to shoppers who want to share their finds with others, and while screening out negative tags is impossible, the vast majority of shoppers who have come to a page will follow a recommendation versus creating their own. As we see more and more search engines begin to incorporate user tagging into their rankings, it is likely that experience integrating services such as digg now will potentially give a significant edge to marketers in the not-so-distant future.

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