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Capturing the Latest Trends for women
Dress Super-Stylishly for Your Body Type. You Have 12 to Choose from, According to Trinny & Susannah
10.19.07 | No Comments

Fashion_1_2 the shape of fashionable things

In their new Body Shape Bible, the inimitable British What Not to Wear duo Trinny & Susannah go past the usual pear-hourglass-apple silhouette definitions into much more subtle distinctions, so you can really highlight what's fab about your figure, disguise what should remain hidden, and dress to look your stylish best.

Fashion_2_2Instead of focusing on losing that last 5 pounds - or even that first 5 - dress to flatter your silhouette & feel your best, regardless of that pesky scale (book available at

Fashion_3  Fashion_5 Fashion_22  Fashion_18

Fashion_27HOURGLASS Yes you're Marilyn'esque womanly, but you're not built for trends, so give shapeless smock dresses and blouson tops a miss..big boobs + a short waist + shapeless smock = maternity chic. Instead, opt for fitted clothes that show off your major curvage like V-neck cardigans & sweaters, and pencil skirts paired with peeptoes or round-toes (no stilettos).

Fashion_25VASE Stretch out an hourglass & you get a Vase - less dramatic in-and-out curves of the former, but still the same ample bosom (possibly one of the best phrases ever from classic literature)...think Playboy bunny. Resist the temptation to hide your arms & belly and go for sharp tailoring, scooped necklines (to balance your chest-to-body ratio), curvy shoes, and single-button jackets which emphasize your most narrow area.

Fashion_35CELLO As you're well endowed in boobs, butt & thighs - just go with it! Sweep down staircases, sashay onto dance floors & generally make your featherweight friends jealous by being grand. Forgo chiffon'y tops & tight jeans in favor of wide V-necks (to showcase your grandiose rack), paneling on your tummy area, and shoes with support that show off your ankles.




While sporty gear like jeans, tees & vests flatter your triangular shape, dresses and skirts seem to hang off you...making you the ideal designer human hanger. Delicate heels show off your equally delicate calves & ankles, skinny jeans emphasize your slinky, snake-like hips, and drapey dresses create curves in all the right places.


Fashion_2  Fashion_16 Fashion_6 Fashion_20


Fashion_26APPLE Avoid the temptation to take cover under acres of fabric. Instead, show off your cleavage, choose skirts with flat fronts & side fastenings, and slip on shapely wedges which highlight your shapely calves. And definitely avoid any jeans that aren't tailored & wide-legged.


Fashion_30PEAR Your fashion nemesis? Intractible saddlebags (regardless of whether you're at your most skinny or currently taking comfort in your fat pants). Thunderthighs aside, you've got a fab rack, toned arms, muscular back & teensy waist - so give side pockets a miss, opt for flat-front pants, cinch in coats with a belt, and keep the focus on the top half with interesting jewels & coiffures (while keeping the bottom half a mystery).

Fashion_24SKITTLE Unlike a Pear, saddlebags & a big booty are not the problem; instead, it's all about the thigh situation. Your arms, waist & ankles, are however, most fabulous, and deserve to be showcased. Take comfort in the fact that you can wear elegant threads on your upper half & that your booty et al tend to spend most of the time underneath a table or steering wheel. For skirts, go for vertical patterns that help visually slim. Choose a high, chunky heel (to offset short legs) and broad lapels which draw the eye to your shapely shoulders & torso.

Fashion_33BELL You probably spent your teens & early 20s petite with a cute round behind. Although middle-age spread may make you tempted to disappear into tapered pants with elastic waists...DON'T DO IT! You're still petite, so choose clothes that create broader shoulders (like a funnel-neck coat), cone heels & thigh-skimming caftans.




Fashion_8 Fashion_19  Fashion_21   Fashion_23

Fashion_29LOLLIPOP Big boobs, long legs...the rest of us are sympathetically playing you the world's smallest violin. While you were born to strut the Red Carpet in glamorous evening gowns, pants & tops that are too tight or too short can make you resemble "Bambi on a bad day" (all arms & legs). Instead of hunching - which only emphasizes your short waist & narrow shoulders - choose slim-heeled kicks which mirror your slim legs, dresses gathered to emphasize your waist, and boot-cut or flaired pants which balance off your top half.

Fashion_32COLUMN Being tall, you carry clothes well. However, with age, don't let your tummy discourage you when it comes to fashion. Pleated, gathered shirts help to break up your column-like height, and feminine, chiffon shapes are softening.

Fashion_34GOBLET Yes, you might be the "bearer of big breasts", along with a generous tummy and broad back, however, you have legs to die for. Show them off in fishnets, high heels, and fabulous trousers. Deep V-necks, flared hem skirts and high, ornate heels show off your va-va-voom.

Fashion_31BRICK If your boyishly flat booty, lack of a waist, straight up-and-down legs, and broad shoulders make you think you can't be feminine, au contraire...Kim Cattrall & Jennifer Hudson should make you think otherwise. Instead, follow their lead by transforming your geometric lines into sensual fabulousness, focusing sequined, curvy necklines which reinforce feminine roundedness, asymmetric pleated skirts, and round-toed shoes to add curves.

(via Daily Mail)

- Lesley Scott


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