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Capturing the Latest Trends for women
Resort 2013: the Ferragamo Forecast Looks Leisurely, Laid Back & Luxe
06.28.12 | No Comments

Ferragamo resort 2013 copy

Held at the Louvre in Paris, Ferragamo is the first italian house to be allowed to use the Denon wing as a catwalk to showcase their lady of leisure who is in search of eternal summer - be it the serene Big Sur coastline of Cali, a small sunny isle in the Mediterranean, or in fact anywhere that nature unfolds theatrically into precarious cliffs and wild rocks. And what should such a sun-loving free spirit wear? Why rocker-chic leather in neutral hues of peach, champagne & bisque, linen-jersey tees piped with leather or a suede blouson, and all with a boyish jacket tossed on as if an afterthought.

Picture 64

Picture 63"I wanted it to be about richness and craftsmanship," explains creative director, Massilmiliano Giornetti. "It's Slow Fashion, which is not just about precious materials, but also the time that goes into each piece."  Referring to Ferragmo's sponsoring of the museum's blockbuster "Saint Anne, Leonardo da Vinci’s Ultimate Masterpiece" which showcases his unfinished masterpiece from c. 1510, Massilmiliano adds: "It's about the old masters, but with a young spin."

Translation: their signature weaves (threads knotted entirely by hand) and exotic fabrications got sexed up as a nude-croc mini, 3D crochet, flat suede boots with studded embroidery, skin peeking through a labyrinth of patchwork, fringe & lacing. "This unique interweaving of modern vision and traditional transmits a sense of exclusivity. It's super-modern and yet connected with the classics because every piece is the product of a tradition of ancient craft. The Ferragamo girl is cool, but she's got culture."

- Lesley Scott

(Louve goes high fashion; image of Da Vinci's "The Virgin and Child with St. Anne": source)


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