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PS3 vs Wii USA Today launch article
11.28.06 | No Comments

Been a while since the last post, but wanted to provide a little more detail on a report we pulled together that was picked up by USA Today : Gamers: Wii has PS3 beat

Here’s how we pulled together the report- we monitored over 100,000 conversations on our top 100 gaming sites, and we found just over 10,000 that were relevant to the launch. The way we broke it down was to categorize the conversations as positive, neutral, or negative, which is determined by our analysts who specialize in gaming. The breakdown:


  • 7062 conversations
  • 1945 Positive (27%)
  • 2650 Negative (38%)
  • 2467 Neutral (35%)


  • 3520 conversations
  • 1711 Positive (49%)
  • 638 Negative (18%)
  • 1171 Neutral (33%)

A couple of things stand out to me- first, the difference in volume between the two consoles is almost 2-to-1, and might be indicative of the fact that negative threads, as a whole, generate more volume, or if the larger PS2 installed base lent itself to a larger fanboy population (probably both). Another thing that stood out is that almost all of the excerpted quotes in our report and in other media involve Wal*Mart as the setting for every story- maybe people had a hard time finding them because they all went to the same place. -Sam Huxley

Short Stuff for August 17th
08.17.06 | No Comments

CBS to simulcast evening news w/Couric online (Yahoo! News)

Will PS3 lead the next-gen console tech? (Joystiq)

The ABC ‘Family’ hops online with another ARG
07.12.06 | No Comments
Category: Television | Internet | Gaming | ARG

ARGN reports that another member of the ABC family - ABC Family (Channel) is launching an Alternate Reality Game on July 23rd for its new show, Fallen. This comes on the heels of another ABC show with an ARG - The Lost Experience - which we here at New Media Sense have been following on and off. It’s nice to see more ARGs occuring within the TV world, as television as an episodic medium really lends itself nicely to the use of ARGs.

Short Stuff for June 27th
06.27.06 | No Comments

Real Networks adds ads to casual games (CNET)

Google and MySpace (GigaOM)

Short Stuff for June 2nd
06.02.06 | No Comments

Perplex City takes Alternative Reality Gaming to the Next Level (Slashdot)

eBay adds blogs, wikis and more to help its sellers (Micro Persuasion)

Skype comes to Mobiles (Gizmodo)

Short Stuff for May 24th
05.24.06 | No Comments
Category: Internet | Marketing | Gaming | Video

Just a few short bits tonight, as everyone we know is awaiting the LOST finale.
Cadillac jumps into Xbox Live (AdJab)

BMW commisions and distributes free audiobooks (Boing Boing)

Coming to YouTube - the candiadates? (Micro Persuasion)

Short Stuff for May 22nd
05.22.06 | No Comments
Category: Trends | Online | Internet | Gaming

One billion served - with net acess (Yahoo!)

4 out of 10 Americans play video games and for some, this impacts their TV time (eMarketer)

Nikon signs on as Flicker sponser (AdRants)

Gaming on the Brain
05.08.06 | No Comments

With E3 occuring just mere hours away, there’s been a slew of gaming articles and discussion about what will steal the show at E3.  Since we here at New Media Sense have gaming on the brain, I thought I’d do a quick round up of E3 related news (ok, the first one isn’t E3 related, but it is worth taking a look at):

  •  Joystiq has an excellent post about how in-game ads can enhance gaming (with thanks to AdJab for pointing out the article) - with some very articulate and optimistic points.
  • Extreme Tech outlines Five Predictions for E3, including the prediction that Wii (the newly renamed Nintendo console) will outshine the PS3
  • More speculation that Nintendo will steal the show
  • And if you want to check out the press conferences for yourself (or just take a look at the pretty,  pretty videos) you can go over to Gamespot’s E3 Live Roundup