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We are getting married!
01.18.09 | No Comments
Category: General

You haven’t seen much of me on Purse Blog in the last few weeks. The coming together of this wedding has been completely and totally all-encompassing and time consuming. But I could not be more excited or thrilled to have our wedding day fast approaching!!!! Our wedding is Friday evening and we have a weekend of events planned for our guests. All of the details are ironed out and we are ready to go.

We will share some details of our wedding afterward, especially my bag of the Big Day shot!!

So we’re going to the Chapel and we’re gonna get married!

Happy Halloween!
10.31.06 | No Comments
Category: General

happy halloween

Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble!! Happy Halloween to the Purse Blog and Purse Forum!!! Today is a fun day, so there will be no bags we talk about, only costumes, tricks, and treats. Please visit some of the great Halloween threads on tPF!! BOO00ooo!

Happy Halloween TPF!
Brief History of Halloween
What will you dress as?
Virtual Halloween Party- Wear a costume!
Pets in the Halloween Spirit- Trick or Treat
Your Kids Costumes for Halloween 2006


happy halloween1

Louis Vuitton Aumoniere Satin Multicolore
10.11.06 | No Comments

Louis Vuitton Aumoniere Satin Multicolore

For a brief moment in time this bag popped up on eLuxury and after I cleaned the drool up from underneath my mouth, the bag was gone. Seriously are there that many people trying to make me frustrated and trying to buy bags that I want? Yep, I think so. But I will make a trip to my local LV and get this baby, because I in love. The Louis Vuitton Aumoniere Satin Multicolore is designed with silky satin multicolore pattern on the outside and is trimmed in Ayer (water snake). The inside is lined with taffeta and lamb leather. The hardware is golden brass and there are two Louis Vuitton engraved stud closures. There is an optional golden brass chain to use this bag as a shoulder bag, but I would wear this baby as a clutch all the way. I couldn’t be more in love with this clutch. I am having a mind block (possibly by choice) on the price. Keep checking eLuxury or your local LV Store for this beauty.

Win the Belen Echandia Bag of the Season
10.02.06 | No Comments

Belen Echandia Cowhide Metallic Purse

Every season Belen Echandia selects a Bag of the Season and sends one lucky girl a Golden Ticket email. The Golden Ticket entitles its recipient to the Bag of the Season in her choice of colour. The Bag of the Season for AW 2006 is this unique cowhide metallic purse with removable chain strap. It is perfect for day and night, fits in all your essentials and looks fantastic, too.

This season’s Golden Ticket will be sent on 1 November 2006. The recipient can choose her favourite colour from cowhide from white/silver, white/gold and chocolate/gold.

To be in with a chance of receiving the Golden Ticket, visit the Invitation page on

Good luck!

Last year I missed out on telling you all about how to win the Golden Ticket, but this year I am letting you all know in plenty of time. The bag up for grabs is the sleek Belen Echandia’s Cowhide Metallic Purse. So hop over to Belen Echandia and sign up to win!! :-D

Keeping Your Bones Healthy With Citracal Creamy Bites
09.13.06 | No Comments
Category: General

Citracal Creamy Bites

As many of you remember, last week was my birthday. At this time of year I typically schedule most of my Dr check up’s - dentist, eye, yearly exam, dermatologist, etc. And with every passing birthday, another year is tacked onto my age. I consider myself somewhat young still, but my physician is very proactive to keep my body in tip-top shape. This year he persistently asked me if I was getting enough calcium- which the answer to the question was ‘most likely no‘. So instead of a lollipop, I received tips to avoid osteoporosis and up my calcium intake. I want to share a bit of information with all of you ladies; so we can all age as gracefully as the bags we buy :-D

Perfect to take on the go and perfect for my daily intake of calcium and vitamin D are Citracal Creamy Bites. The creamy bites come in 3 flavors; chocolate, caramel and lemon cream. A major perk of these calcium supplements are they do not need to be taken with food like others- and contain no trans fats! You can never start to young protecting your bones- just like you can never start too young buying handbags!!! I always forget to take my vitamins and supplements, but the beauty of the creamy bites are you can easily throw them in your bag and eat one each day when you see it in your purse (notice my lovely Chloe Paddington Tote!). More info via Citracal. Join me in protecting our bones so we can carry our bags and buy some Citracal Creamy Bites through Walgreens for $8.99 for 30 or order them through American Rx.

citracal creamy bites flavors

09.12.06 | No Comments
Category: General

Happy Birthday The Purse Forum

I can’t believe it’s been a year already. Time has passed so quickly… In the year after its official introduction on September 13th, 2005, the Purse Forum has grown to one of the biggest fashion-related forums (if not the biggest) on the Internet. We are approaching our millionth post with huge steps, we have more and more fantastic contributors coming in daily who make tPF the special place that it is. Not only is it an essential handbag lover resource site, but also a very friendly community with thousands of caring, compassionate and friendly individuals. Megs and I are stoked at the wonderful growth that our community has gone through, and therefore we thought that is was time to give back to our members!

For more info on how to win very exquisite Louis Vuitton items in our giveaway, click on the picture or follow this link.

Good luck, and thanks to all of our readers and forum members, and those who will become members in the future!

Megs & Vlad

The Purse Forum 1 Year Anniversary Giveaway Preview
09.12.06 | No Comments
Category: General


If you are a regular on our Purse Forum, you already know what Megs and I have had an exquisite bag giveaway up our sleeves for quite some time now. In the past few days, I’ve been driving the anticipating crowd nuts with numerous teaser pictures… what fun that was! Today is the last day before the big anniversary announcement, I suggest you head over to this forum thread and check out the latest preview.

Obviously, I also encourage you to stop by tomorrow and see how you can score free Louis Vuitton goodies :-D

Well done, Detective Watson
08.30.06 | No Comments
Category: General

Gotta love news like this:

It was a crime of fashion, and a lot more serious than wearing white after Labor Day.

Seguin police were suspicious when the driver of a cargo van that crashed Monday on Interstate 10 started acting nervous when they asked about all those boxes with Chinese writing.

Expecting to find drugs, since I-10 is a popular route for narcotics smugglers between San Antonio and Houston, fashion-conscious Seguin police instead found bogus designer purses, wallets, belts and other swanky accessories valued at $400,000.

Detective Sgt. Maureen Watson said some might be taken in by the Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Fendi, Coach, Christian Dior, Burberry and other merchandise, but it didn’t hold up to close scrutiny from Seguin’s fashion police.

“I love purses, and I hang out in that part of the department stores all the time,” Watson said Tuesday.

“If you examine the purses, the stitching, the materials, are not good quality. They smelled like vinyl, not leather, and when you buy an expensive purse, it’s usually in a cloth bag. These were in paper bags.”

The 21 large boxes contained 782 purses, more than 200 wallets and other items.

The driver, a 40-year-old woman from San Antonio who was traveling with her 15-year-old daughter, told police she was headed to Houston, when another vehicle cut off the van. She overcorrected and the van rolled. The driver and her daughter both sustained minor injuries.

Watson did not identify the two occupants of the van. They were released pending further investigation.

Dear Detective Watson, you are the quintessential purse protector that we need on our forum! via

08.26.06 | No Comments
Category: General

It appears like we had some troubles with our RSS feed in the past weeks, without us noticing. I think it’s been fixed, feel free to feed your readers again! ;)

Update: When I was messing with the ping services in Wordpress 2 weeks ago, I accidentally took out the Feedburner ping URL. Yeap, I am an idiot.

The First (Annual?) tPF NYC Meeting
08.20.06 | No Comments
Category: General


Megs, her sister Shannon and myself met up with about a dozen of our lovely Purse Forum members (and their significant others) last night to celebrate the first NYC tPF meeting ever! We all had a blast, it was a really good time and we are grateful for those who decided to show up and make it a special evening! Pictures will be posted in the forum thread below! :-D

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