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Capturing the Latest Trends for women
GLAM SHOPPING BEAT: Donatella Versace’s Picks on the Top 10 Ways for Fellas to be Fabulous this Summer. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION BLOGS
05.30.07 | No Comments

Fashion_6 Donatella Versace, inimitable empress of luxury (photo: Matthias Vriens)

Glam Shopping Beat by Lesley Scott:

The Versace name is synonymous with over-the-top glitz and glam of the kitschy-yet-fabulous sort. And the current face of the brand, Donatella Versace, knows how to live large (or, at least, be photographed extensively in the act). In the upcoming July issue of Details, she shares her top 10 tips for looking good, wearing cologne, shaving, the perfect summer getaway luggage, and which celebs have the best style.

Glam_6 Glam_2

  • the always stylish Kanye West
  • goin' my way? a Versace-designed Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Roadster

Glam_2 Glam_5 Glam_12

  • facial hair done right, courtesy of the Killers
  • Versace luggage
  • The Dreamer cologne by Versace

Enjoy the Style Wisdom of Donatella Versace:

  1. Glam The three biggest fashion mistakes are cheap suits, shoes, and shirts. Spend your money on something good. (suits: Paul Smith)
  2. Some men look great unshaven; others just look like they forgot to shave. Beards and mustaches work if they're distinctive - think earthy & rock 'n roll like the Kings of Leon or The Killers. (photo: James Dimmock via
  3. "I just designed the livery for a Lamborghini and I’m told this machine is a real object of male desire. But true luxury is about the best of everything. Don’t cut back on the little things—great coffee, a good novel, a wonderful aftershave."  (Lamborghini photo:
  4. "For luggage, I use big Versace suitcases. I always overpack, but my advice to men is to pack a capsule wardrobe: a few suits, a pair of casual trousers, and then tops and accessories for changes—ties, belts, watches, shoes." (suitcase:
  5. "In my opinion, men who have greatstyle include Lou Reed (downtown–New York chic), Jude Law (London chic), Alain Delon (French chic), Marcello Mastroianni (Italian chic), Rupert Everett (English-public-school chic), and Kanye West (modern, cool chic)." (photo:
  6. "When buying a gift for your wife, do your research. Find out what she wants by subtle interrogation, or ask her friends."
  7. Glam_7 As you get older, go for an elegant and understated look. "But [older men] have the advantage that they can do the rugged thing—think of Sam Shepard in denim. I find older men more attractive than boys. I need a man who can teach me a thing or two." (photo:
  8. Glam_13 "I don’t like jeans—I love them. I like slim-cut jeans, and at the moment I like them dark and clean, like tailored trousers." (Theory slim jeans available at
  9. Scent is very important. Strong fragrances suit some men, while citrus types suit others. "I like my men to smell fresh and woody, but also like a man." (Versace The Dreamer cologne -
  10. "When it comes to dress, there are more rules in America than in Europe. Dress is more of a social indicator—except in L.A., where you don’t know if the guy in the T-shirt and combat trousers in the hotel lobby is the busboy or a studio executive. That’s pretty refreshing."


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GLAM SHOPPING BEAT: Ahoy! The Five Must-Haves for Sailing Aboard the HSS Spring Fashion. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION & ACCESSORIES BLOG
03.21.07 | No Comments

Glam Shopping Beat column for the week of 3/20/07 - by Lesley Scott:

The weather turns warm, and you'd rather be at the beach, or, even better, aboard a fabulous yacht (or even near a fabulous yacht). However, you're going to be landlocked, so why not bring a little of the sea home with a nautical chic ensemble?

Give the usual white sailor pants a miss & opt for a less predictable dark denim pair: it's a fresher, not to mention more practical, choice.  The hot weather is always a great excuse for flats, but avoid getting too dressed down & casual by adding eyecatching accessories: a spiffy pair of sandals and bag with nautical detailing, a scarf with lots of bright red & navy to set off the crispness of your white tee, and a beachy-themed charm bracelet (or five).

The top five best ingredients for pulling together a nautical chic look:

Glam_shopping_5 Ocean charms bracelet -

Glam_shopping_4 Burberry nautical scarf -

Glam_shopping_3 Wide-legged denim sailor pants -

Glam_shopping_2 Slouchy chic satchel -

Glam_shopping Moschino flats -






Glam Shopping Beat: Catch the Holiday Spirit with Goodies & Indulgences Recommended by Some of the Best Blogs in the Glam Network. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION & SHOPPING BLOG
11.02.06 | No Comments

Glam Shopping Beat column for the week of 11-1-06 - by Lesley Scott:

With the arrival of November, darkness sets in early and the brisk, balmy nights of fall are but a memory.  Instead of succumbing to gloom and doom, spread some joy. A classy way is by penning an old-fashioned handwritten(!) note. Yes, email cards are quick and easy, but imagine how nice it would be to unlock your mail box and instead of a stack of bills and flyers, discover a friendly message on gorgeous stationary. Another way to beat the blues is, of course, by indulging. Even if your budget doesn't currently permit a full-scale shopping extravaganza, window shopping - both online and on foot - can be just as pleasurable.  Why not round up all those holiday catalogs overflowing from your mailbox, snuggle up in your fave chair with a glass of wine, and treat yourself to an evening of ogling all the fabulous gadgets, gifts and goodies? For sheer shock-and-awe, nothing beats the famous (infamous?) extravagance of the Neiman Marcus holiday catalogue.

Of course the holiday season also means parties & get-togethers. Rather than drop tons of cash on outfits you might wear only once or twice, look to the better-dressed celebs (with the A-list stylists at their disposal) and steal ideas for accessories, makeup & shoes that give any outfit a festive touch without putting an unfestive dent in your bank account. (Scarlett Johansson is frequently an A+ for these purposes.)

And don't forget to treat yourself to a yummy new deserve it!

Great holiday shopping recommendations from some of the Glam Network's best blogs:

Glam_she_find_nm_catalog   Get in the holiday spirit with the ultimate fun book, the incredible Neiman Marcus holiday catalog.  From diamonds to $40K tandem bikes to $1.75 million trips into space, this is the place to find everything over-the-top. As She Finds notes: "Yes, Virginia, such unbelievable gifts really do exist."
Glam_catwalk_scarlett For timeless glamour girl style that's red carpet- & party-ready, Catwalk Queen picks Scarlett Johansson as the starlet to emulate.

Glam_ysl_compact The season's makeup is "done" - easily accomplished with the finely milled pressed powder tucked into this gorgeous Yves Saint Laurent Opium compact recommended by Beauty Addict.

Glam_fragrance_1 Glam_fragrance Ever since the Three Wise Men set out on their lengthy journey some two millenia ago, gifts of frankincense, myrrh, and gold have never gone out of style. Why not celebrate with some gold-encased Billet Doux (Love Letter) from Fragonard? According to The Scented Salamander, this is a re-launch of an original fragrance from the 50s, and inspired by a painting by Jean-Honore Fragonard (after whom the house was named).

Glam_oh_joy_stationary  Say "Happy Holidays" or "Thanks" with some stylish stationary - made from real, live paper thankyou - recommended by Oh Joy!

For more dish & up-to-the minute fashion & lifestyle info, check out the Glam Network of blogs.


Glam Shopping Beat: If You Have to Shop, Why Not Have Your Purchases Go the Extra Mile by Opting for Goodies that Help the Fight Against Breast Cancer. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION BLOG
10.11.06 | No Comments


Glam Shopping Beat column for the week of 10/9/06 - by Lesley Scott:

Breast cancer wrecks lives, homes, families. This killer doesn't discriminate between rich and poor, old or young, healthy or couch potato.

Thanks to determined women like Estee Lauder & her Breast Cancer Research Foundation ( & the efforts of organizations like the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation (, fighting the disease has taken on a much higher profile.  Many mainstream retailers have joined the fight, both by donating proceeds of sales to breast cancer organizations, and by creating special pink editions of various popular items that also help raise awareness in addition to funds.

Why not get a jump on your holiday shopping this year with gifts that have a heart? Who wouldn't want a gorgeous KitchenAid mixer in pink, or perhaps a delicate pink teapot? Perhaps some stationary, that perfect blush - or, thanks to that butterfingers of a party guest, there isn't a social soul alive who couldn't use more wine & champagne glasses, especially a chic pink pair of  Riedel "O".

Some great gifts that help in the fight against Breast Cancer:

Breast_cancer_teapot Arthur Court Teapot


Breast_cancer_lorac_blush Lorac "Perfectly Pink" blush


Breast_cancer_riedel_glasses Riedel "O" Pink Champagne Glasses

Breast_cancer_stationary   Awareness Notecards

Breast_cancer_kitchen_aid   KitchenAid "Cook for the Cure" Edition

Note: All shopping picks are available through


GLAM SHOPPING BEAT: Layer Up This Fall. From Leggings to a Do-It-All Knit Dress, Capes, Scarves & Hats, the Options for Creativity are Endless. The Secret? Balance & Fit. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION BLOG & PODCAST
09.06.06 | No Comments

PODCAST: GLAM SHOPPING BEAT: Layer Up This Fall. From Leggings to a Do-It-All Knit Dress, Capes, Scarves & Hats, the Options for Creativity are Endless. The Secret? Balance & Fit. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION BLOG & PODCAST - MP3 File

Shopping_marc_jacobs_layers Marc Jacobs - Fall 2006

Glam Shopping Beat column for the week of 9/4/06 - by Lesley Scott:

More layers than a layer cake...and counting. Fall is a vision of leggings, tights, skirts, vests, scarves & overcoats...all at the same time, thanks to Monsieur Marc Jacobs in particular. The good news, however, is that no one need freeze in the name of fashion this winter! Additionally, layers mean tons of different ways to customize the trend to your particular taste & style.

To make this look work, focus on balance. While a 5'10" model can pull off having every inch swathed in heavy-duty fabric, the rest of us mere mortals are somewhat less blessed. In order to look chic rather than homeless,  pick a single area to have the most bulk. A cape, cowl neck sweater & fabulously oversized winter'y hat combination couldn't be cuter, but all that fabric needs to be offset by a slim silhouette on the bottom; good options include a skinny jean with a delicate shoe in the same color or tone.  Alternatively, voluminous menswear pants with chunky platforms require a body conscious top. In both cases, balancing the bulk with a slim counterpart keeps things chic & avoids anything that might confuse bystanders with the Michelin Man.

The second secret of layers is fit: get on good terms with a reliable tailor. In particular, pay attention to hem lengths. If you're rocking a cropped pant, it should hit the bottom of your calf precisely where the leg begins to taper into the ankle. An oversized, wide-legged pant a la Chanel? Make sure the tailor measures them on you while you're in the heels you intend to wear them with.  If a sweater is meant to be slouchy, make sure it's doing the precise slouch you want while it's on your body - again, a tailor is your magic weapon in this endeavor.

Great pieces to use for a stylishly layered look:

Shopping_knits_see_capelet See by Chloe Knit Capelet

Shopping_knit_etro_scarf Etro Knit Scarf

Shopping_knit_coat Robert Rodriguez Knit Coat

Shopping_knit_hat_1    Shearling Trapper Hat

Shopping_knit_leggings Derek Lam Leggings & Cowl Neck Sweater

Shopping_mcqueen_dress  Alexander McQueen Knit Dress

Shopping_knit_cr_pant_1 DSquare Men's-Style Cropped Pant

All shopping picks are available through


(Runway photo from

GLAM SHOPPING BEAT: Bad Hair Days are But a Bad Memory this Fall Thanks to All the Fab Hats that Complete the Layered Look. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION BLOG
08.30.06 | No Comments

Shopping_hat_balenciaga    Shopping_hats_bottega
Shopping_hats_lv Shopping_hats_burberry_knit
(From left to right: Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Louis Vuitton, Burberry Prorsum )

Glam Shopping Beat column for the week of 8/21/06 - by Lesley Scott:

Once frigid temperatures set in, every day can feel like a bad hair day. Fortunately, a key part of fall's layered looks is hats - in all shapes & sizes. Burberry's Christopher Bailey sent out chic little knit berets, while at Bottega, Tomas Maier opted for more structured caps that captured the jaunty feeling of an English driving cap crossed with the volume of a sixties topper. The showstopping, equestrian-bowler-tophats at Balenciaga left many an editor speechless with lust. And for days when wearing a bag over your head seems like the only viable option, Marc Jacobs sent out the next best thing at Louis Vuitton: a super-sized & lampshade-like Inspector Clouseau-style number which literally hides the eyes and skims the top of the nose.

When recreating the look for your own wardrobe, choose hats with interesting shapes or innovative choices in  fabrics, such as hounstooth & or plaid. Hats with historical references feel especially fresh such as the Edwardian age (top hats), bowler hats (19th century), Flapper-era cloches, and, of course, the Pop Art 60s. While the shapes are exuberant, the color palette of the moment is extremely muted: greys, black, earthy greens & murky earthtones, with occasional splashes of lipstick red.

Great hats by Eugenia Kim for fall:

Shopping_hat_chloe_beret_1   Chloe Circle Knit Beret

Shopping_hat_e_kim_herringbone Muffy Herringbone

Shopping_hats_driving_cap  Jimmy Driver's Cap

All shopping picks are available through


(runway photos from

GLAM SLAM: Rock a Heathered Capelet by Max Studio & Channel the Spirit of a Romance Novel Heroine. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION BLOG
08.29.06 | No Comments


Toss on over pretty much anything, and enjoy feeling daring, dashing & mysterious for the rest of the day. Available through

- Lesley Scott


GLAM SLAM: A Vintage Paint Spatter Logo T-Shirt from McQ. Small(ish) on Price, Big on Style. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION BLOG
08.25.06 | No Comments


The comfort of a tee, the fashion factor of something way loftier. Available through

- Lesley Scott



GLAM SLAM: White Sunglasses Work Perfectly Through the End of the Dog Days of Summer, and Later, for Resort. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION BLOG
08.24.06 | No Comments



GLAM SLAM: Rosebud! Earrings, that is, Carved from Red Coral by Julie Sandlau. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION BLOG
08.17.06 | No Comments


Measure around 1/2" long. Available through

- Lesley Scott

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