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Tag You’re it, Part 2- Where in the world?
06.27.07 | No Comments

Wired has a great article on how the open nature of Google Maps is changing how we interact with our surroundings. What really struck me as interesting is the potential of KML, which allows users to mash-up maps with any data they want and openly share it. Notably, Google is indexing all of the KML files they can find, whether or not it is specific to their own product. So what does this mean for marketers? Google Maps (and for that matter Live Local from Microsoft) will be integrated more and more into mobile, as evidenced by the iPhone’s deep integration of the service, and “third screen” marketing will become a much more effective and necessary part of the media arsenal. Will I drive an extra mile off the highway to go to a well reviewed local diner, versus a fast food chain at a rest stop? Definitely. Would I plan a vacation itinerary around other user reviews that I find via an online map, versus brochures I pick up, or a paid travel site listing? Absolutely. The talk about online local advertising is mostly focused on the online extensions of local media, not the local extensions of global portals, but I think that this will shift in the near-to-mid term. And again, what will drive the expansion, plus make local search (and by proxy, mobile search) much more effective is user tagging. Instead of a product page, it’s a businesses sticky on a map, and letting your users know how you want to be described (not that they’ll always listen) is a large part of taking advantage of this new platform. Whether I’m a car dealership that is betting that my location and advertising will carry the day, a casual dining restaurant chain that wants a new, better way to connect with my customers, or even a global CPG that wants to communicate with a customer base that is on a cell versus a laptop, the geoweb is worth exploring.

What will the Google/You Tube merger do for video?
10.16.06 | No Comments

There has obviously been a lot of discussion about the Google/You Tube buy - some good, some bad. One of the better looks at the situation, as it stands now, can be found over at AdAge - while I don’t agree with all the points (I think that the integration between the two might be more shakey at first), there are some interesting points, including the potential for better sorting of content over on YouTube (amen!), the potential for better ad serving on YouTube (yup!) and the potential to take video to the “next level” using Google’s massive infrastructure. One thing I’m actually interested in is whether or not the merger opens up the possibility for longer videos on YouTube available to all (not just to those with Director accounts) - their self imposed time limit hopefully will change with the participation of Google. This could be something that would really open up the distribution of longer form UGV.

Short Stuff for August 22nd
08.22.06 | No Comments

YouTube adds Brand Channels (AdJab)

Friendster: On the Rebound (Business Week)

Google to take over TV, World (ZDNet)

Yet another use for Google Maps
08.15.06 | No Comments

AdJab recently reported that Google Maps is testing a system that lets users find and print up coupons for stores in the area that they are looking in. A quick survey of restaurants and retail stores in my area didn’t pull up any money saving coupons, but I’d be interested in seeing it in action.

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