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Capturing the Latest Trends for women
An Amusing & Quirky Flat-Pressed “Slight” Light
10.24.07 | No Comments

Stylehive_8 like a cartoon cut-out of a lamp

This fun design by Manuel Vivian makes fun of a classic table lamp by rendering it "bi-dimensional" (aka "two dimensional" last time I checked) with the feel of a stylized drawing.

Stylehive_7 (via

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Related_stories_25 The stylish Sontu tea set makes tea more tasty
Related_stories_26 Live it up at the fantasy-decorated Baby Grand Hotel in Athens

Related_stories_24  Lounge in a paperclip-inspired bed


Inspired by a Paper Clip, the “Clip” Bed Cleverly Combines Office Supply Chic with Comfort
10.23.07 | No Comments


This wonder of a padded double bed designed by Patricia Urquiola is actually a single piece that starts at the headboard - which can be inclined at various angles or made to lie flat - and then folds back on itself. In addition to supporting a variety of mattresses, its cover is fully removable, and happily, there are oodles of other options available in different colors & fabrics like leather to suit your every boudoir mood.

Stylehive_4 Stylehive_5

Stylehive_6  (via

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Related_stories The handblown Sontu teapot
Related_stories_2 Sexy, curvy bookshelves by Karim Rashid
Related_stories_3  Stay in the fantasy-decorated Baby Grand Hotel, Athens


Serve with - or Give - an Elegant Artisan Hand-Blown “Sontu” Teapot
10.22.07 | No Comments

Stylehive_2   The Sontu Teapot offers up a modern twist on a classic round teapot- perched atop a Sontu teacup, with a hole in the lid for the leaf & stem.

Stylehive - via

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A Rocking Fruit Bowl….Literally
10.19.07 | No Comments

Stylehive_2 For added fun with food, this snazzy Helena Schepens fruit Vessel (no mere bowl, apparently) can rock back & forth.




Eva Solo Smiley bowls
Take tea in a red & white polkadot tea set
Karim Rashid's sexy bookcases
A clever magnetic salt & pepper shaker duo

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Keys from the Past Unlock a Fun New Category of Accessories & Show off Your Pride in Your Crib. FASHIONTRIBES HOME DECOR BLOG
06.05.07 | No Comments


If a home is one's castle, it deserves a proper key. Inspired by the ornate details & magical appeal of skeleton keys she discovered as a child antiquing with her grandmother - by train or in her very large Cadillac (she was four foot ten inches tall and had to sit on a pillow to see over the steering wheel) - designer Michele' Lilley now makes ordinary keys extraordinary with her unusual keys to my castle line. "It was at the bottom of boxes at the end of the day I would find my treasures," reminisces Lilley.  "I remember so clearly as a little girl looking through my box of skeleton keys, holding them and imagining the enchanting castle that they surely must have opened at some point in their existence (Although I must admit I was also quite sure that I was a princess stolen at birth.) Anyway, the keys fascinated me and I loved the whole idea of the beautiful places that they could take me…the secret doors that they could open."

In an era of mass-produced sameness and our use-it-and-toss-it mentality, these keys are a fun and charmingly quixotic antidote. "I remember once asking her why the keys that we used to open our doors now were so plain…not at all beautiful and certainly nothing like the enchanting keys that I kept in my jewelry box. Her response was so typical of her, she said 'honey, people throw away tiffany shades and beautiful china to read by bright lights and eat off paper…I’m afraid the magic of rare and wonderful things has faded'. Well I believe we need more rare and wonderful in this world…. I like china, I love tiffany’s and I want my special key to open the door to the most sacred place I know…my home, so I created my own magical keys."

There are currently 20 unique designs, with new ones being released each month at

- Lesley Scott


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Try a Fresh-Picked Shade of Green in Your Summer Wardrobe. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION BLOG
06.01.07 | No Comments

Emerald, clover, grass...almost nothing is better than the color green at conjuring up cool & refreshing images of nature. So why not bring a little of this luscious hue into your wardrobe, home & and beauty regime? Since this is a season where color is a major style story, take advantage of the fashionably green riches that are on the market - in dresses, shoes, accessories, home decor, beauty products, and even soothing wallpaper for your computer screen.

Groovy green fashion, accessories & accoutrements to try:

Fashion  Shopping   Shopping_7 Shopping_6

  • Sarah cotton dress in Parrot Green -
  • Splash Gisha wedges -
  • recycled candy wrapper purse -
  • malachite bracelet with a conflict-free rough diamond (proceeds go to the Diamond Empowerment Fund to benefit underprivileged communities in Africa) -

Shopping_8 Shopping_2 Bulgari Shopping_12

- Lesley Scott


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Weekly Web Snob Roundup: The Best Posts of the Week from Our Fave Online Fashion & Lifestyle Publishers. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION BLOG
03.16.07 | No Comments



  • My Fashion Life tests out Condé Nast's new online baby, Stylefinder.
  • Bag Snob interviews one of the most powerful figures in the fashion industry, Julie Gilhart of Barney's New York.
  • Papierblog wonders whether fashion is getting too violent, especially after the debut of Stella McCartney's line at Target in Australia.
  • Coquette loves the sleek look of dressed up bermuda shorts and gives her favorite picks.



  • eBelle5,the designer handbag blog, recommends hitting the courts in style this spring with the designer Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Badminton Set and Pouch.
  • The wonder of the $42,000 Louis Vuitton Frankenbag...which has Fashiontribes wondering if it was inspired by other handbags of horror?
  • finds the hottest handbags of the season, from $13 cheap chic finds to $1300 splurges (and everything in between)
  • Wrapped in peach-pink satin and midnight-black lace, Kristopher Dukes is sure these shoes are pure you.
  • Read the Stylehive interview with Jennifer Sarkilahti for Odette NY jewelry who handcrafts elegant and pretty jewelry with an artisan feel from wax carving and casting.
  • The Jewelry Weblog talks about the trend of jewelry as part of clothing. For example, this platinum and diamond jacket.



Websnob_7 Websnob_8 Websnob_9

  • Check out Fashiontribes Fellow for the checklist of the top 10 wardrobe must-have's for men this spring.



  • Nail Tech Secrets shows off some cool blue nails for spring!
  • Who got the best makeover on America's Top Model? [FabSugar]
  • 40 Days and $0 Nights of Beauty Brand Reviews: Day 21, Lancome. [Blogdorf Goodman]
  • Girlawhirl loves the sugar scrubs from Diana b.
  • Second City Style stages their Annual Beauty Olympics Week 2: Lips/Eyes - testing 100's of products so you don't have to.
  • Once you go Brazilian – you never go back -- Funny Video! [SheFinds]
  • Rejuvenate your skin for spring with microdermabrasion and eBeautyDaily!



  • Mmmmm.....macadamias! Oil, muesli, pesto, and of course, nuts...The Sweet Life has the tasty dish.
  • The Travel Snob discovers that culinary travel is a family affair at Mexico's Esencia Resort in the Riviera Maya.
  • Be "Under the Influence" of a musician "Undiscovered"--James Morrison. ( podcast) [L.A. Story]
  • Check out the first ever hip-hop throw pillows for your home. [Styleaholics]

- Lesley Scott


STYLEHIVE BUZZ: A Fishbowl Shaped like a Fishbowl from Chiasso. Cute! FASHIONTRIBES HOME DECOR BLOG
11.03.06 | No Comments


Handblown & worthy of the picturesque inhabitants. via

- Lesley Scott


STYLEHIVE BUZZ: Pig! And that’s a Good Thing when Nigella Lawson is Involved. Behold the Spawn of the Salt Pig: the Salt Piglets. FASHIONTRIBES HOME DECOR BLOG
11.02.06 | No Comments


The salt pig has a future beyond the edges of the stove. Now it has given life to a twin pair of piglets, ready to do service at the table. Fill one with sea salt, the other with crushed pepper. via

- Lesley Scott

fashiontribes. Watch: Snatch up a Black Leather Club Chair for 70% Off. FASHIONTRIBES HOME DECOR BLOG
11.01.06 | No Comments
Category: Weblogs | Home Decor


The $3 shipping is just icing on the home decor cake. Available at

- Lesley Scott


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