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Capturing the Latest Trends for women
Check Out Japan’s Fashion & Fantasy Scene with The Tokyo Look Book
10.23.07 | No Comments

Fashion tag along on a dazzling journey through the streets, clubs & boutiques of this trend-setting city

British anthropologist Philomena Keet - who has a PhD in Tokyo Street fashion(!) - recently teamed up with Tokyo-based fashion & lifestyle photographer Yuri Manabe to document Tokyo's trendy teens and 20-somethings at work & play.

Fashion_2Keet provides witty and informative background information, soundbites & quotes to accompany Manabe's cool & candid full-color eye candy (his work regularly appears in chi chi music & fashion magazines like Marie Claire, GQ, Rockin' on, Coyote & Switch). Visit the the "gal" mecca of Shibuya, hang with the goths and cosplayers who populate Jingubashi bridge on Sundays, meet the cutting-edge kids on the Harajuku backstreets, and check out the stylish young things on Omotesando Boulevard.

Some of the designers, magazines and boutiques highlighted include:

  • Shibuya 109 Shibuyas iconic shopping mall
  • Glad News one of 109s leading boutiques
  • Reiko Nakane a former trendsetting charisma109 shop girl turned producer of her own fashion label
  • Mana Japanese pop star and designer of Elegant Gothic Lolita brand, Moi-meme-Moiteh
  • Naoto creator of the popular goth/punk brand
  • Takuya Angel creator of the cult cyber-kimono brand
  • Team Message designer of skate/streetwear brands
  • Dog owner of a cult street-fashion boutique
  • Shoici Aoki creator of the influential street-fashion magazine FRUiTS
  • Garcia Marquez gauche husband-and-wife team behind this stylish brand for young women
  • 5351 Pour Les Hommes fashionable mens brand
  • Tokyo Fashion Week peek behind the scenes
  • Mannenya purveyor of traditional Japanese workmen's outfits

From goth to gyaru, cosplayer to clubber, office lady to construction worker, high fashion to street fashion, it's a fun & comprehensive look at the richly varied fashion scenes that thrive in Japan's capital city.

Check out Philomena Keet's blog at; The Tokyo Look Book is available at

- Lesley Scott

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