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Capturing the Latest Trends for women
The Next Gen of Fashion: Highlights from the 2012 London College of Fashion Graduating Class
06.22.12 | No Comments

Picture 105

For the first time, the LCF catwalk will go beyond just mens & womenswear to include fun categories like jewelry, contour & accessories in order to more accurately reflect the breadth of exceptional talent nurtured within its walls.

Picture 106There was a definitely futuristic but fun vein running through many of these creative collections.

Here are some of the standouts:

KATHARINA DOMOKOSCH (above): "This collection was inspired by Alpine traditional dress and folklore costume," explains the womenswear designer who hails from Germany (& already interned with Hussein Chalayan & Peter PIlotto). "These are designs for eternity, with a very big emotional value. I've tried to bring this eternity into my contemporary clothing."

WENMEI ZHANG (Jewelry Design & Hair Pieces): "I was inspired by Mongolian people for this collection. I come from a place in China where fur was very readily available and was very much part of my upbringing, so it feels part of who I am and therefore part of my collection."

Picture 107 JESSICA PREECE (Fashion Contour): "My final collection ‘Dangerous Seduction’ was initially inspired by the representation of ‘Sirens’ from Greek Mythology in Pre- Raphaelite art. The collection encapsulates the feeling of a seductive woman who uses her sexual allure and intelligence to get what she wants, hypnotizing people with her beauty, whilst remaining dangerous."

Picture 108

JUBIN YOO (Footwear/Product Design & Development): "My final collection is inspired by passage of time. Ageing is a process behind life, shared by humans, nature and even inanimate objects around us. I find the beauty of ageing thrilling. Every pair of shoes for me embodies an individual’s life experience."

Picture 109

HELENE TORP-HOLTE (Fashion Jewelry): "I love adding roughness to my designs - my inspiration came from a rough source - ancient weaponry. I always follow my heart and reflect my personality through my ideas."

Picture 111EMILY SELF (Bespoke Tailoring): "I am inspired by humanity and our vulnerability, I love to look below the surface and reveal the essence of the individual. I am intrigued by what possessions say about the owner and have been inspired by Sophie Calle, a photographer who famously posed as a maid, and entered hotel rooms, taking pictures of the lived in state of rooms before the rooms were cleaned - examining aspects in the search for clues as to who the occupier of the room was via the way they interacted with the objects surrounding them."

Picture 112LISA WATSON (Fashion Jewelry): "I love creating sculptural jewellery and experimenting with colour, my past experience in a variety of creative fields including textiles, photography, clothing and accessories have also inspired me. My Final Collection is titled 'Containment', inspired by postmodern architecture. It explores colour, structure and the idea of containing a structure within a translucent shell, similar to skyscrapers. Made from acrylic sheet and rod in a variety of colours, finishes and thicknesses."

- Lesley Scott


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