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Capturing the Latest Trends for women
GLAM SHOPPING BEAT: Donatella Versace’s Picks on the Top 10 Ways for Fellas to be Fabulous this Summer. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION BLOGS
05.30.07 | No Comments

Fashion_6 Donatella Versace, inimitable empress of luxury (photo: Matthias Vriens)

Glam Shopping Beat by Lesley Scott:

The Versace name is synonymous with over-the-top glitz and glam of the kitschy-yet-fabulous sort. And the current face of the brand, Donatella Versace, knows how to live large (or, at least, be photographed extensively in the act). In the upcoming July issue of Details, she shares her top 10 tips for looking good, wearing cologne, shaving, the perfect summer getaway luggage, and which celebs have the best style.

Glam_6 Glam_2

  • the always stylish Kanye West
  • goin' my way? a Versace-designed Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Roadster

Glam_2 Glam_5 Glam_12

  • facial hair done right, courtesy of the Killers
  • Versace luggage
  • The Dreamer cologne by Versace

Enjoy the Style Wisdom of Donatella Versace:

  1. Glam The three biggest fashion mistakes are cheap suits, shoes, and shirts. Spend your money on something good. (suits: Paul Smith)
  2. Some men look great unshaven; others just look like they forgot to shave. Beards and mustaches work if they're distinctive - think earthy & rock 'n roll like the Kings of Leon or The Killers. (photo: James Dimmock via
  3. "I just designed the livery for a Lamborghini and I’m told this machine is a real object of male desire. But true luxury is about the best of everything. Don’t cut back on the little things—great coffee, a good novel, a wonderful aftershave."  (Lamborghini photo:
  4. "For luggage, I use big Versace suitcases. I always overpack, but my advice to men is to pack a capsule wardrobe: a few suits, a pair of casual trousers, and then tops and accessories for changes—ties, belts, watches, shoes." (suitcase:
  5. "In my opinion, men who have greatstyle include Lou Reed (downtown–New York chic), Jude Law (London chic), Alain Delon (French chic), Marcello Mastroianni (Italian chic), Rupert Everett (English-public-school chic), and Kanye West (modern, cool chic)." (photo:
  6. "When buying a gift for your wife, do your research. Find out what she wants by subtle interrogation, or ask her friends."
  7. Glam_7 As you get older, go for an elegant and understated look. "But [older men] have the advantage that they can do the rugged thing—think of Sam Shepard in denim. I find older men more attractive than boys. I need a man who can teach me a thing or two." (photo:
  8. Glam_13 "I don’t like jeans—I love them. I like slim-cut jeans, and at the moment I like them dark and clean, like tailored trousers." (Theory slim jeans available at
  9. Scent is very important. Strong fragrances suit some men, while citrus types suit others. "I like my men to smell fresh and woody, but also like a man." (Versace The Dreamer cologne -
  10. "When it comes to dress, there are more rules in America than in Europe. Dress is more of a social indicator—except in L.A., where you don’t know if the guy in the T-shirt and combat trousers in the hotel lobby is the busboy or a studio executive. That’s pretty refreshing."


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Gene Simmons of Kiss & Jason “Deuce” of Dussault Custom Ink Launch “MoneyBag” - a Limited Edition Line of Men’s Playa Tees. FASHIONTRIBES MEN’S FASHION BLOG
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Mens_4 Mens_5

“One of the reasons my attendance in high school was almost non existent was due to a man who I have always looked up to as a role model, Gene Simmons," muses Jason Dussault of Dussault Custom Ink - a unique high end urban street wear line from Vancouver, Canada which customizes gritty-but-luxe hoodies for red carpet fixtures like Pamela Anderson, Nelly Furtado, Carmelo Anthony, B.E.P., and Robyn Williams. "I spent hours a day dressing, singing and emulating my idol for an upcoming air band, or drawing Gene’s character as the Demon all over my notebooks. My teenage dreams became a reality when I got to meet the man himself and we hit it off, the result being the MoneyBag collaboration.  It is my great honor to co-release the first products of our line.”

Dussault recently teamed up with Simmons to launch the MoneyBag line streetwear with a limited edition run of 500 tees, each hand-painted, -dyed & detailed for a one-of-a-kind custom feel. They are priced at $250, and individually signed by Simmons (the signature can be cut from the label). "I have owned the trademark MONEYBAG logo for over 25 years. I have used it on my magazines, book imprints, my record company and a few other areas," explains Simmons. "Until I met Jason Dussault, I held off on really going out into the marketplace in the street wear line.  It has to do with finding a kindred spirit. And, Jason is it.  He and I share a passion for only doing things in life that mean something.  Together we are creating cutting edge, in-your-face fashions.  The MoneyBag Line, at long last, has become a reality.”

Exclusively available online at

- Lesley Scott


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Weekly Web Snob Roundup: The Best Posts of the Week from Our Fave Online Fashion & Lifestyle Publishers. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION BLOG
03.16.07 | No Comments



  • My Fashion Life tests out Condé Nast's new online baby, Stylefinder.
  • Bag Snob interviews one of the most powerful figures in the fashion industry, Julie Gilhart of Barney's New York.
  • Papierblog wonders whether fashion is getting too violent, especially after the debut of Stella McCartney's line at Target in Australia.
  • Coquette loves the sleek look of dressed up bermuda shorts and gives her favorite picks.



  • eBelle5,the designer handbag blog, recommends hitting the courts in style this spring with the designer Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Badminton Set and Pouch.
  • The wonder of the $42,000 Louis Vuitton Frankenbag...which has Fashiontribes wondering if it was inspired by other handbags of horror?
  • finds the hottest handbags of the season, from $13 cheap chic finds to $1300 splurges (and everything in between)
  • Wrapped in peach-pink satin and midnight-black lace, Kristopher Dukes is sure these shoes are pure you.
  • Read the Stylehive interview with Jennifer Sarkilahti for Odette NY jewelry who handcrafts elegant and pretty jewelry with an artisan feel from wax carving and casting.
  • The Jewelry Weblog talks about the trend of jewelry as part of clothing. For example, this platinum and diamond jacket.



Websnob_7 Websnob_8 Websnob_9

  • Check out Fashiontribes Fellow for the checklist of the top 10 wardrobe must-have's for men this spring.



  • Nail Tech Secrets shows off some cool blue nails for spring!
  • Who got the best makeover on America's Top Model? [FabSugar]
  • 40 Days and $0 Nights of Beauty Brand Reviews: Day 21, Lancome. [Blogdorf Goodman]
  • Girlawhirl loves the sugar scrubs from Diana b.
  • Second City Style stages their Annual Beauty Olympics Week 2: Lips/Eyes - testing 100's of products so you don't have to.
  • Once you go Brazilian – you never go back -- Funny Video! [SheFinds]
  • Rejuvenate your skin for spring with microdermabrasion and eBeautyDaily!



  • Mmmmm.....macadamias! Oil, muesli, pesto, and of course, nuts...The Sweet Life has the tasty dish.
  • The Travel Snob discovers that culinary travel is a family affair at Mexico's Esencia Resort in the Riviera Maya.
  • Be "Under the Influence" of a musician "Undiscovered"--James Morrison. ( podcast) [L.A. Story]
  • Check out the first ever hip-hop throw pillows for your home. [Styleaholics]

- Lesley Scott


OMIRU FASHION HOTLIST: Heading to the Office Doesn’t Have to Mean Leaving Style at Home. A Chic Patterned Shirtdress & Pinpoint Stripe Men’s French Cuff Buttondown Prove Otherwise. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION BLOG
08.11.06 | No Comments

The latest Omiru Fashion Hotlist is about what to wear to the office, with the most subtly stunning work gear: a sleeveless shirtdress for women and a pinpoint stripe dress shirt for men.

Omiru_mara_hoffman Mara Hoffman The "Ferl" Dress - Shopbop

The pattern adds an additional layer of visual interest to a flattering shirtdress.

Omiru_ban_rep_shirt   Fitted Pinpoint-Stripe French Cuff Shirt - Banana Republic

Ever so subtle pinpoint-striping adds visual texture to this versatile dress shirt.

- Trisha Okubo,

08.11.06 | No Comments

Hip_hop_bling_diddy_2  Hip_hop_bling_slick_rick_1 (Diddy, Slick Rick)

Diddy (aka P.Diddy/Puffy/Puff Daddy/Sean Coombs) & his monster diamond cross pendant. Nigo of A Bathing Ape fame with pave diamond-encrusted teeth. Pharrell Williams, hip hop fashion maven about town, sporting a $500,000 Jacob the Jeweler-designed medallion covered in 125 carats worth of ice. Since the early days of the genre when rap innovators like Run DMC, Slick Rick & Big Daddy Kane draped themselves in precious stones, hip hop has been synonymous with diamonds-diamonds-diamonds...& yet more diamonds.

However, now that proles everywhere look just like their blinged-out heroes, the A-list is onto a more old-money approach to fine jewelry that reflects quality rather than quantity. "For the hip-hop demographic, you have to be aspirational," Damon Dash, a founder of Roc-A-Fella Records and chief executive officer of Dash Enterprises told WWD. "When you make something and spend a lot of money on it, you don't want to see everyone wearing the same thing."

According to Minya Oh, author of Bling Bling: Hip Hop's Crown Jewels, a more under-the-radar way of transmitting your vast weath & power is currently au currant: "Now it's ‘How do I hide my diamonds, while getting the right people to notice?' If you're a casual person not associated with bling, you may not notice. But someone who is a power player will." Reflecting this change, Dash's new campaign for his Tiret line of fancy jewelry & watches will be shot by fashion A-lister Steven Klein, and feature model Carolyn Murphy - who has modeled for white-shoe jewelers Harry Winston & Tiffany.

"We're going through a more restrained, more refined moment," agrees Robert Burke of NYC consulting firm Robert Burke Associates (he was formerly VP of fashion at Bergdorf Goodman). "Many of the hip-hop artists are [now] wearing tailored suits and the female artists are wearing couture and ready-to-wear dresses... A few years ago, it was tracksuits and a big piece of jewelry...It's not a more-is-more moment."  (via WWD)

  • To hear the Fashiontribes Podcast, visit the Fashiontribes Daily 5-Minute Podcast Show at

- Lesley Scott

(Diddy Photo; Slick Rick Photo)

Fur: Yes or No? At Omiru, the Nays Have it, So They’re Featuring Cruelty-Free Alternatives for their Weekly Fashion Hotlist. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION BLOG
07.14.06 | No Comments

In the Omiru Fur: In or Out? poll, fur is losing by a landslide, so this week, we're all about cruelty-free (read: no animal products used) fashions from a preppy pair of casual flats for women and a rugged vegan messenger bag for men.

Omiru_vegan_sneakers  Pair them with jeans and a white tank for a night in with the girls. Sugar Shoes Smokin Cat Slate Blue Vegan Sneaker - Alternative Outfitters

Omiru_messenger  Billed as a "veritable Swiss Army knife of transporting possibilities." Parcel Black Daily Vegan Messenger Bag - Alternative Outfitters

- Trisha Okubo,

FASHIONTRIBES DAILY 5 MIN. PODCAST - Porsche & Adidas Pounce on the Men’s Luxe Performance Market with a Sports & Fashion Mashup. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION BLOG & PODCAST
07.14.06 | No Comments


With the huge success of the sporty Y-3 line designed by fashion darling Yohji Yamamoto, and Stella McCartney's highly touted (and marketed) partnership with Adidas of chic workout & yoga gear, the luxury performance fashion market is proving robust and then some.

Porsche and Adidas just previewed their new Porsche Design Sport line, which rolls out in 150 doors in Europe, the UK, Asia & the US in December 2006. The line consists of 130 pieces of clothing, footwear, and sports equipment for activities such as running, driving, tennis, and golf (the golf clubs are hi-tech wonders that are co-branded with TaylorMade). With a stark urban palette of black, navy, white, red & metallic grey, the ultrasleek line is made to perform in different sports categories and in different climates.

Lifestyles are continuing to get increasingly casual - and global - but many people are reluctant to give up style. Lines like Porsche Design Sport address that need, so it's no surprise this segment of the market is continuing to grow. via WWD

  • To hear the Fashiontribes Podcast, visit the Fashiontribes Daily 5-Minute Podcast Show at

- Lesley Scott

OMIRU WEEKLY FASHION HOTLIST: A Shoe-Happy Week with Modern Metallic Flats for Girls on the Move, and Snazzy Sandal Flip Flops that Could Save Mankind from the Mandal. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION BLOG
07.07.06 | No Comments

Step into summer with a sunny pair of casual silver flats for women and a sleek pair of sandals for men.

Omiru_silver_shoe_1  Run Away in Silver Suede -

Professional enough for work, yet pretty enough for the weekend.

Omiru_guys_flipflopPolo Ralph Lauren McMillan "Sandal" -

Better for a promenade along the boardwalk than a stroll down the beach.

- Trisha Okubo,

ProductDose Gets Even Cooler with New Tools & Functions to Better Aid & Abet Your Shopping Lust. FASHIONTRIBES MENS FASHION BLOG
06.30.06 | No Comments


Phase Two of - which makes me think we need phases here at FT! - is now live. Not only are the geniuses at expanding their content, but helpfully providing different ways to buy everything you see on the site.

  • Buying Options scours the web for places to buy the stuff they feature, prices, and multiple buying options from reputable stores.
  • User Pages and Profiles Create now your own profile and comment on anything in the site; comments are now on the landing page so you can see what's on everyone's mind.
  • Personal Dose Bookmark & tag anything you dig, and see how many other people have saved it as well, and how popular and product or story is becoming.
  • Tabs Another bookmarking function that rocks.

Things are still in the BETA stage, so user feedback is heavily encouraged. Take some time to play around with the site and see what they're offering. You won't be sorry.

Check it out at

- Lesley Scott

OMIRU FASHION HOTLIST: Linen Skirts & Slip On Chuck Taylors by John Varvatos Keeps Fashionable Filles & Groovy Garcons Easy, Breezy & Stylish. FASHIONTRIBES FASHION BLOG
06.30.06 | No Comments

This week on the Omiru Friday Fashion Hotlist, it's all about the effortlessly chic look with a tailored linen miniskirt for women and a laceless pair of Converse sneakers (designed by John Varvatos) for men.

Omiru_linen_mini Sunner Linen Panama Miniskirt (

Linen makes this skirt casual, but the tailoring elevates it to fantastique!

Omiru_chuck_taylors  Chuck Taylor Slip-on Sneaker by John Varvatos (

J’adore John…and the casual chic of these classic sneakers.

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