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AOL: First, TV Shows, Now Movies
08.24.06 | No Comments
Category: Video | Movies

AOL has annouced that they are starting a movie-download service, with a bunch of the major studios. While they aren’t the first ones out of the gate, they definately do (as GigaOM points out) have more deals with more studios than other services.

iTunes Movie store by EOY?
08.18.06 | No Comments
Category: Tools | Mobile | Movies

iPodNN is reporting that LionsGate has confirmed their participation in offering movies for download via iTunes toward the end of this year. While Apple isn’t saying anything, I wonder if this will happen in conjunction with the oft-fabled full screen video iPod.

Short Stuff for June 21st
06.21.06 | No Comments

This American Life podcast policy gets some to do some…really bad math - really interesting in light of the “NPR’s podcasts are doing great.” The NPR sucess has probably hurt the perception of some other public radio type shows, like TAL. (Boing Boing)

MySpace limits teen/adult interaction (Wired)

Netflix & Digital Downloads - will they be first? Or late to the game? (CNET)

Short Stuff for June 19th
06.19.06 | No Comments

MySpace Seeks Search Partner (Business Week)

iTunes Movie Store: $9.99 per film? (MacRumors)

Neilsen Restyles TV Ratings (MarketingBlurb)

Short Stuff for May 9th
05.09.06 | No Comments

MySpace Launches IM client (Micro Persuasion)

Warner is going to sell both movies and tv via BitTorrent (NY Times)

Too much news from E3 to winnow down here (Connected Wii? The 360 DVD player?) But Engadget has some spectacular blow-by-blows of all the events.

Short Stuff for May 2nd
05.02.06 | No Comments
Category: Television | Video | Music | Movies

Movie Mashup Artists get commisioned for trailers (Wired)

Napster kicks up its free music service (Fast Company)

Microsoft patents TV Watching + IM? (Gizmodo)

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