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YouTube 3rd in Video
08.16.06 | No Comments
Category: MySpace | Video | YouTube

CNN reports that ComScore’s recently released July information indicates that YouTube is only the 3rd most popular video site, behind Yahoo Video and MySpace Video - conflicting with recent reports that YouTube’s share of global internet traffic recently surpassed MySpace. So who’s right? Well, both. In a sense. The ComScore report only looks at the US traffic, while the Alexa data used to support the Gaurdian article from a few weeks ago uses global data. In either position, Youtube has grown massively over the last few months - and the wealth of traffic to the leading video sites shows that online video is penetrating further and further into the mainstream.

Short Stuff for August 1
08.01.06 | No Comments

It had to happen at some point: YouTube overtakes MySpace (Guardian UK)

In Japan, the DS Lite sells more than all other consoles combined. (Digital Battle)

Take Pew’s online version of the “Bloggers” survey (Pew Internet)

Can CyWorld make it in the US?
07.28.06 | No Comments

Great read over at Business 2.0 about the upcoming US launch of Korean Social Network Cyworld.  According to the article, Cyworld is incredibly attractive to teens and young adults in Korea alike (90% of all Koreans in their 20s are Cyworld members), and they are hoping to make a similiar splash in the US. While the US version isn’t live yet, a quick look at the original gives hints as to what it might look like. I think the concept is interesting - take a look at the articles description of the store - and has great potential.

Short Stuff for July 12th
07.12.06 | No Comments

Wired News and Wired Magazine: Together Again (BoingBoing)

MySpace: More popular than Google (Seach Engine Watch)

Google Audio - Revolutionary Radio Advertising? (Micro Persuasion)

Short Stuff for July 6th
07.06.06 | No Comments

Wikipedia Founder launches political wiki site (Digg)

SMS widget for MySpace - thoughts AND concerns (TechCrunch)

Short Stuff for June 27th
06.27.06 | No Comments

Real Networks adds ads to casual games (CNET)

Google and MySpace (GigaOM)

Short Stuff for June 21st
06.21.06 | No Comments

This American Life podcast policy gets some to do some…really bad math - really interesting in light of the “NPR’s podcasts are doing great.” The NPR sucess has probably hurt the perception of some other public radio type shows, like TAL. (Boing Boing)

MySpace limits teen/adult interaction (Wired)

Netflix & Digital Downloads - will they be first? Or late to the game? (CNET)

Short Stuff for June 19th
06.19.06 | No Comments

MySpace Seeks Search Partner (Business Week)

iTunes Movie Store: $9.99 per film? (MacRumors)

Neilsen Restyles TV Ratings (MarketingBlurb)

The Social Networking Parade Marches On
06.16.06 | No Comments

ComScore reported this week that traffic to Social Networking sites continues to grow - worldwide. This is great news, but even more interesting was Stowe Boyd discussion of Fred Stutzman’s analysis of five MySpace competitors to watch out for, highlighting (most notably, I think) that Social Networking sites *just* made for social networks just don’t cut it anymore - users are more interested in doing something with their social networking time than just networking with others. Great analysis on both parts, and highly suggested reading as you coast into the weekend!

Short Stuff for June 8th
06.08.06 | No Comments

Feedburner and TypePad hook up (Digg)

The features of IPTV: Wishes vs. Reality (CNET)

Technorati: Myspace massive source of incoming traffic (Niall Kennedy via Micro Persuasion)

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